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Death and Disease

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Death and Disease

Lindsay climbs the Steps of Healing and enters the Church of Grieving. David voice-overs that Lindsay went to mass while Bill's funeral was happening. Lindsay kneels in a pew. Is it legal to film that? In a confessional, Lindsay says that she didn't go to Bill's funeral because that's not the way she wants to remember him. Then she bursts out crying.

Lindsay tells Janet that she's not going skydiving, because she doesn't think she should be "playing with [her] life" after going through a loss. Janet agrees that it makes sense. Lindsay starts saying that she tries to hold her feelings inside, but that they have to come out, and that when her dad died, it took her a few years to get through it. Just when you think Lindsay is going to break it down for Janet, the scene changes.

Stephen and David are in bed (not together, although wouldn't that be interesting?). Stephen tells David that Kira loves him. David says that she "flips off the handle for no reason" and that he wants to tell her, "Dude. Just chill out. Love me." Hee! David cracks me up. Stephen says that women make you "earn things" and "prove things" sometimes. We do? ["Dude, as if Stephen would know, anyway." -- Wing Chun] Stephen feels that love and its rewards are worth it. David says he wants to "go the distance" with Kira. Stephen tells him to "just trust love." Could these two be any cheesier? Could there be any more discarded fast-food containers on the floor of their bedroom? No, and no.

David talks to Kira on the phone and tells her that he's joining her on the morning of the 25th, which is three days earlier than he'd said before. Kira says that she doesn't want drama, and David promises her no drama. Yeah, right. Like that's even possible with those two. Kira tells him that she doesn't want him to do it unless it's cool, and David says that it's what he wanted her to do all along. Can you believe what a big deal they're making about this? And they claim they don't want drama? In an interview, David says that he has the right to fall in love, and that he deserves it.

Early in the morning, Janet gets up and bids goodbye to Lindsay as she walks out of their bedroom. It turns out Janet is going to skydive by herself. Good for her! She finally busts out from under Lindsay's shadow, and it's only one episode too late. Cut to Janet telling Lindsay about her experience, with flashback footage to illustrate her points. Janet says that she didn't know what she was doing, but that the instructor told her to hang from the wing and just let go. We see Janet doing just that, and then she floats to the ground once her parachute opens. Janet explains that she couldn't hear the guy on the ground directing her where to land, and she realized that her radio wasn't on. We see Janet, floating downward and screaming, "My radio!" Janet tells Lindsay that she was scared because she fell asleep during training and didn't know what to do. The guy on the ground keeps yelling, "Right turn!" and Janet somehow lands safely. Lindsay claps and says that she's proud of Janet. In an interview, Lindsay says that she knows she's recovering when she starts touching and hugging people again, and letting them hug her back. We see Lindsay give Janet a big hug.

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