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Decisions, Decisions

Space Needle Shot #71. Stephen is on the phone with (why hello, Hip, Squiggly Font!) his friend Jigmy. Stephen says that Irene "went schizo" and he "freaked out." Well, that's one way of putting it. Stephen says that his anger-management classes are really cool. Jigmy says that taking classes can't hurt, and Stephen asks why everyone says that. Um, because you're really, really angry and no one wanted to tell you for fear that you would slap them?

Space Needle Shot #72. Stephen goes to his anger-management class. In an interview, Stephen says that everyone needs someone to talk to about "stuff." Hip, Squiggly Font limps in to introduce Dr. Mauro, Anger Therapist. Heh. That sounds like a Saturday Night Live sketch. In an interview, Stephen says that this isn't about Irene anymore -- it's about him, and his efforts to learn how to deal with his reactions. Dr. Mauro asks what other emotions Stephen felt during the incident, besides anger. Stephen says that he was frustrated by the way Irene was acting, and hurt because none of them wanted her to leave. In an interview, Stephen says that he knows he's not finished growing as a person, and he knows now that he has a lot to learn about himself. For instance, that he prefers the company of men? Oh, I said I wouldn't make that joke anymore, didn't I. Oh well. The show ends by giving the URL for the National Lyme Disease Foundation. And Stephen is all better now, right? Right?

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