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Decisions, Decisions

Back to the stuffed dog. In an interview, Nathan tells us that it was "very sentimental" and meant something to Irene. Which is why Nathan did so much to help her find it when it was originally missing. Oh, except that he didn't. Nathan grabs a fishing pole from the wall and uses it to hook the stuffed animal. While he reels it in, Janet climbs down a ladder to the water and picks it up. I'm guessing that being waterlogged, it would be too heavy to bring up with the fishing pole. Also, this is about the most effort that Janet or Nathan have put into their "friendship" with Irene in weeks. And she's not around to see it. Janet notes that the stuffed dog is "covered in crap," and Nathan lets it splat to the ground.

David walks down the hall and asks the girls what's going on. He asks Lindsay how the "teddy bear" got outside. Janet tells him that it was "comedy; pure comedy." I think David is a little drunk in this scene -- the girls are in their pajamas, so I'm guessing that David just got home from a night at the bars. Anyway, Janet relates that Irene told Stephen that they could never get married because he's "a homosexual." David starts laughing and slides off the bed and onto the floor. ["I love David for that." -- Wing Chun] Janet continues with the story, recounting that Stephen ran into the house, found the stuffed animal in a cabinet, and then ran outside and got Irene's attention before throwing it into the water. David is still laughing and pounding on the floor. Janet says, "But it doesn't end there. Listen to this. But he hit her." The music goes all serious, and we can't really see David's face because his hand is in front of it, but he isn't laughing or pounding the floor anymore. In an interview, Janet says, "David hides his anger really well, but when he snaps, he snaps." In an interview, David says that when Stephen returns to the house, David will "beat his face in." Janet says that Stephen admitted to hitting Irene. David has his eyes closed and looks pissed. In an interview, David says that he used to "see [his] mother get beat when [he] was a kid, and [he] used to get in the middle of it." He concludes that it's hard for him. What is it with the boys in this house, and violence, and their mothers?

David mumbles something to Janet about how amazing it is that Stephen hit Irene. Janet says that they didn't see it happen, and that Nathan just walked away when they found out, because "it would have gotten ugly." David dramatically says, "It's gonna get uglier. I mean, I wasn't there; I got no beef. But you just don't hit girls." Okay, so this is Drama David with his macho posturing bullshit act, but you know what? There's something really cool about it at the same time. I know intellectually that I should be bothered by David's casual sexism and ridiculous faux chivalry, but at the same time, it's nice to see someone in the house actually taking this act of violence seriously. Plus, you know how I love David when he gets all dramatic, and we haven't seen any good Drama David since Kira left. David stands up and says, "I mean, she might have been out of line. That's cool. But like, he hit her in the face? You never touch a woman. You just don't do that." ["Well, you shouldn't hit anyone, really. But whatever." -- Wing Chun] Janet nods. Lindsay considers how she might sneak out of the house and into the hotel down the street to avoid the whole thing.

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