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Decisions, Decisions

You know this is a serious episode, because they aren't even wasting time on Space Needle shots. Rebecca walks out of the house, early in the morning. In an interview, Rebecca says she's sad that Irene is gone. And it's transportation time! This week's modes of transportation montage includes trains, streetcars, boats, cars, people walking, and a guy riding a bike. Rebecca goes to a pay phone and calls a florist or something, because she's dictating what she wants the card to say: "Irene, I miss you. Give me a call soon. Make a wish on a star. Love, Rebecca."

Back at the house, Rebecca asks David what's up with Stephen. David says that when you hit another human being, that's assault. Well, David would know. David says that it "shows a lot about someone's character," and that he knows Rebecca isn't that naïve. I just realized why David feels that what Stephen did was assault, and why what he did wasn't -- David hit a guy, not a girl. Yeah, that's annoying. Rebecca protests that she's not being naïve, and says that she didn't even know about the incident until she got a page today. Rebecca says that Stephen claimed he slapped Irene on the back of the head, and Irene started laughing (which she did, but as we discussed in the forums, I think that was just a nervous reaction). Rebecca says that if Irene really did get hit, it's "mortifying." David agrees.

The music on the soundtrack says, "Don't wait to discuss it," as we see the roommates and some extra people sitting down on the couches. Nathan explains that they're having a meeting to "discuss the situation with Stephen and Irene." The Hip, Squiggly Font of Introduction (tm Djb) says that Billy, the director, is talking. Billy explains that they've never had to deal with a situation like this before. In an interview, Nathan explains that the production staff's policy is that "they don't condone any acts of violence, and they don't want anyone to feel unsafe." Too bad they didn't write that "policy" into the contracts until after this incident. Another guy (Hip, Squiggly Font calls him "Matt") says Stephen knows that the production staff is meeting with the roommates.

Elsewhere, Stephen is sitting on some steps, eating Chinese food. Some members of the production staff sit down next to him. In an interview, Stephen says that he "knew it was wrong when [he] saw their faces." Notice that he didn't know that it was wrong before. Because I think he's a sociopath. Hip Squiggly Font tells us that Craig (Borders, who went on to work on The Mole) is the production staff member addressing Stephen. Craig explains that the other roommates came into the situation assuming that they wouldn't have to fear violence, and that Stephen "crossed the line when [he] slapped Irene." So now, the production staff needs to make sure that the roommates are okay with it. I remember the first time I saw this episode. I thought, at this point, "Oh, Stephen's screwed. He's so out of there." Heh.

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