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Decisions, Decisions

Back at the house, Drew (Hip, Squiggly Font calls him the director) tells the roommates that if they allow Stephen to stay in the house, he will have to go to therapy for his anger. Lindsay asks whether Stephen agreed to that, and Drew tells her that "it's not up for debate." Ooh, Drew is a hard-ass.

Stephen tells Craig that he doesn't hit people. In an interview, Stephen says that sometimes it's hard to admit that you're wrong. Craig says something about boiling blood, and I don't know what the point of that shot was.

Back at the house, Matt tells the roommates that, to try to make it fair -- since most of them didn't see the incident -- they're going to show them the tape. This is such a huge breaking of the fourth wall. I love it! I love when things get messed up. That's why I wish this show were live or something. ["You say that, but if you saw an episode of U8TV: The Lofters, you'd know how much you don't actually wish that." -- Wing Chun] Craig tells Stephen that the roommates are going to see a tape and "collectively come up with a decision of how they want to respond to it." Stephen asks whether he might be going home, and Craig tells him that the roommates will decide. There's another woman sitting there too. I don't know her name, but I recognize her from the most recent casting special.

The roommates gather around a monitor to watch the tape. In an interview, Lindsay tells us that it only takes one vote. If one person thinks that Stephen should leave, he will. In other words, it has to be unanimous. For some reason, all of the roommates are really dressed up. All of the girls have dresses or skirts on, and David has just taken a shower, so you know it's a special occasion. Matt slips the tape in and they watch. As Irene tells Stephen that he's a homosexual, David either flinches or laughs -- they cut away from him too quickly for me to tell. When Stephen makes the jerking-off gesture and calls Irene a bitch, Lindsay looks shocked. I think this is my favorite moment of the season coming up right here. As the roommates see Stephen slap Irene, they all visibly react. It's one of the most honest reactions of the whole series, I think. Rebecca looks stunned. Janet looks confused, probably because the reality differs so much from the story Stephen told her. David looks pissed. Nathan looks like he can't believe what he just saw. They are all frozen in shock. Janet, in particular, doesn't move or even blink. Again, on first viewing, I really thought that Stephen was out of there. So young and so naïve.

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