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Decisions, Decisions

Wow, we're through the first commercial break and no Space Needle yet. When we get back, the roommates are discussing the situation. David says that he thinks Stephen is "a little fucked up for doing that." In an interview, David says that he almost laughed when he saw it, but it doesn't matter that it was "a little hit" because "actions are different than words; they stay." I don't even know what he's talking about. Nathan says that it was an act of rage and violence, but that Irene knows how Stephen reacts. Oh, way to blame the victim, Nate-dawg. This sounds eerily like the arguments we had on the forums when I started recapping the season. Rebecca interrupts Nathan to say that Stephen acted like a child. Thank you, Rebecca! Nathan retorts that Irene "blatantly did something that she knew would warrant a reaction; she called him a homosexual." So, he shouldn't be punished, and the rest of them will just need to lay off the gay jokes for the rest of the season. David says, "So you're going to justify his actions?" Nathan says he's not justifying it, and he doesn't think that Stephen should have done it. Notice that Janet hasn't spoken yet, because she has to see what Lindsay thinks. And it's time for Lindsay to speak! Lindsay says that Stephen is "an idiot," and that even though he didn't hit Irene very hard, the whole thing is "ridiculous." I think there was a bunch more conversation in here that we didn't see, because suddenly everyone is standing in completely different spots. David says that the bottom line is this: "Do we want him living with us or not?" David goes on to say that he's not going to kick Stephen out. Rebecca says that she doesn't want to kick him out if he's getting help. Lindsay agrees that Stephen can stay, but she's "appalled because [she's] never seen someone with a temper like that in [her] life."

Nathan asks Lindsay whether she could let Stephen stay right then. Lindsay doesn't even hesitate: "Oh, hell, yeah." Nathan directs the same question to Janet. This is Janet's big chance! She could break free of Lindsay's mind control and be true to her own feelings! In an interview, Janet says that Stephen was way out of line. Janet smokes a cigarette and discusses her decision with...oh, it's Lindsay. Stephen's totally staying. Janet tells Lindsay that she feels sorry for both Irene and Stephen, because they're both very angry people. I never got that Irene was angry. I guess that must be what Janet overheard while she was hiding in the closet all those times.

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