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Decisions, Decisions

The conclusion of the drama is signified by Space Needle Shot #69 of the season. In an interview, Lindsay tells us that Stephen is going to stay in the house on the condition that he get help, and that she hopes something like this doesn't happen again. At this point, after that stupid decision, I wish Stephen would go medieval on all their asses. Although Stephen does provide some comedy in the remaining episodes, so as a recapper, I guess I can't complain. I really wish that they showed Janet finally making her decision, though, because I'd like to see exactly how much influence Lindsay had on her.

Stephen wanders the streets, looking like a homeless man in his ratty shirt and toque. He runs into David, who shakes his hand and tells Stephen that they had their meeting and took care of it. Stephen thanks him, and admits that he was wrong. In an interview, David says that he put himself in Stephen's position, and that if David did something like that, he'd want people to understand. Well, I guess it would be pretty hypocritical of David to vote to kick Stephen out over a violent act. Stephen says, "And it happens every day, you know. People get mad, and I'm a reactor, and I reacted." Oh, that totally explains it, dude. Stephen explains to David that his mother always told him that if other people have "evil in their hearts, and spite," Stephen should "check them." Stephen concludes that, while it was wrong of him, he was caught up in the moment, and that he has passion. In an interview, David says that Stephen started talking about Irene, and David told him that it wasn't about her -- it was about Stephen. So true, David. David tells Stephen that even if Irene was a bitch, David couldn't believe that Stephen hit her, and David was ready to "come to blows" over it. Stephen says that it wouldn't have come to blows. He explains that he did it because he had "a beef with her," but that if he had a problem with David, they would discuss it. In an interview, David says that Stephen has been "very diplomatic lately." David thinks that Stephen wants to "make allies," and not be the enemy, and wants the whole thing to be over. Stephen and David shake hands and part ways.

Space Needle Shot #70. Now that the drama is over, they are coming fast and furious. Upbeat music plays as we see Rebecca sleeping in bed. Oh, wait! That's Stephen, wearing a blond wig. David tiptoes into the room. In an interview, David says that he walked into the room and saw Stephen passed out with the wig over his face. Stephen wakes up and David asks how he got the wig on his head. Stephen looks at David with the silly blond bob wig on, and it is pretty ridiculous. David laughs. In an interview, David says that he thought they needed to address the problem, and that he thinks Stephen is "flipping his lid."

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