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Decisions, Decisions

At the radio station, Stephen is still wearing the wig and walking down the hall with Kelsey. A bubbly Stephen greets various people at the station, and they all laugh at his wig. In an interview, Rebecca says that Stephen looks like "Sir Lancelot gone African-American." Nathan laughs at him and says, "Whatever you need to do." In an interview, David says that Stephen is "prancing around the radio station in a wig" and that "it's like RuPaul on Prozac." As is my reaction at most everything David says, I start laughing, and then wonder what the hell it meant. Kelsey and Rebecca ask Stephen what's up with the wig. Stephen explains that he has a friend named CeCe, and that he was telling her about his problems. She suggested that he borrow her wig, and let people laugh at him, and laugh at himself. In an interview, Rebecca says that it's a pretty good idea, because she couldn't be mad at Stephen while he had the wig on. Stephen puts the wig back on, and Kelsey tells him, "In a scary way, it really works." She's right.

Stephen walks off down the hall in the radio station, and Kelsey watches him as she whispers with a co-worker. In an interview, David says that "people like to chatter chatter," and that the radio station staff is fairly close-knit. Aubbie and some other girl are gossiping in Aubbie's office as Stephen totally eavesdrops outside the door. We don't hear enough of their conversation to know what they are talking about. Stephen knocks on the door. Hip, Squiggly Font tells us that the other girl is named Franni. Stephen says that he overheard everything that they just said, and that the things that happen in his house are his business. He doesn't want them to talk about things that don't concern them at his job, because it's unprofessional. Ha! Stephen is giving them a lecture on how to be professional. That's rich, Mr. Sleep Until 3 PM and Nearly Lose the Irreplaceable Tapes for the REI Commercials. Franni gives Stephen a little attitude. Aubbie tells Stephen that his actions affect people at the station, even if the incident didn't happen at work. ["Which is a lame-ass way of saying, 'You are our co-worker, so we intend to gossip about you.'" -- Wing Chun] Stephen asks, "In what way?" Aubbie goes off on how Stephen walked down a pier and slapped someone. Stephen asks whether she was there, and says that Aubbie is working from third-hand or fourth-hand information, and that it's not her business. ["For some reason, I always thought that Franni was the person driving the car when Irene was in it, but I really have no evidence for that." -- Wing Chun] Aubbie agrees that it's not, which is why she didn't talk to him about it directly, but she reiterates that it affects their workplace, because "people have an attitude" and "nobody wants to deal with [Stephen]." I can't really chastise Aubbie much, because I have certainly been guilty of spreading gossip in the workplace that was totally not my business. That's the nature of the workplace, or the school, or whatever. ["Word." -- Wing Chun] Stephen looks genuinely hurt and walks out. Kelsey and Franni exchange looks like, "Whoa! We're lucky he didn't slap us. And what's with the wig?" In an interview, Rebecca says that there's definitely "a stigma attached to [him] now," which isn't good, but that he made a mistake and he's paying for it.

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