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Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

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Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

Jamie tells Melissa that David said things after she left that she should have heard. Melissa wants to know if David apologized, because that's what she wanted to hear. Jamie says that an apology would be a huge step for David, and not one he is capable of yet, because it would take a lot of courage for him to do it based on his huge ego. Melissa theorizes that David has tiny balls. In an interview, Melissa says that "having internal problems with your mother does not excuse treating people around you like crap." While she has a point there, she could show a little more sympathy. I can respect her not caring about David's issues, because it's too much work with not enough reward, and I do respect her honesty, but there's honesty and then there's being mean, and sometimes Melissa crosses the line.

Matt comes into Julie's room to discuss the letter she wrote him. In an interview, Julie reminds us that she wrote Matt a letter. In case you missed last week's episode. Matt says that he takes the letter to heart, but he doesn't know where parts of it are coming from. He reads a section where Julie said she feels Matt judges people more on "what they like instead of what they are like." Matt asks for some clarification on that point. Julie starts to explain, but first we see Matt say in an interview that the letter caught him off-guard and it bothers him that he's hurt Julie. Julie reminds him of a time in Africa where she was hanging over the side of the boat when there were sharks in the water. We see a flashback in black and white of that moment. Julie hangs over the side of the boat. There are sharks in the water. Matt looks worried. We get it. Matt tells her that his "masculine instincts kick in" and he feels like he has to protect her. You know, it's one thing to worry about a friend, but don't blame it on your "masculine instincts." If I saw a friend about to fall into shark-infested water, I'd probably say or do something too. It has nothing to do with being a man. Because I'm not one. In case that wasn't clear. I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- Matt has issues with women. Matt says that he likes Julie more than he likes Jamie, and in a different way than he likes Kelley or Melissa, but he can't describe it. Julie looks bemused. In a confessional, Julie says she's not afraid of a more intimate relationship with him, and Matt is "mildly attracted" to her, but he won't act on it because it's not a hundred percent, and it makes him uncomfortable. I want to add in here that I really appreciate the fact that Julie pronounces the word "comfortable" correctly. Most people say "comfterble" and it bugs me.

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