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Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

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Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

Matt, David, and Jamie go to Subway. Jamie says that he wants to be there for David in dealing with his mother's health. David says that although they came at him in "an unorthodox way, that was probably the only way." Jamie says he knows David is "an unbelievable being." David says there are no hard feelings, and they hug. Right in the middle of Subway! Good for them. ["Mmm, Subway." -- Wing Chun] And where's Matt? In an interview, David says he appreciates what he hears and experiences. In an interview, Jamie says you need other people to help you in life. David, Jamie, and Matt are sitting at a table eating. Jamie is lecturing David with some MBA-speak about "leverage" and "network." David is making eye contact! Matt points out that friends help each other out, and makes a "cup of sugar" analogy. I bet he would like to give David some sugar, and then get a cookie from David in return.

Everyone is playing spin-the-bottle in Julie and Kelley's bedroom. Well, not everyone. Julie, Kelley, Jamie, Matt, and David are playing. Danny is observing. All the boys make it clear that they won't kiss other boys. Good thing they cleared that up, because otherwise all of America might think they are gay. God knows if you kiss another boy, that makes you gay. Like the whole point of this isn't to get Matt to kiss Julie, anyway. Matt says he doesn't want to kiss a girl or hold her hand, but the girls convince him to participate. In a confessional, Kelley says she hasn't been around much so she wants to make the most of the rest of her time. Everyone gets into the room and settled. The first spin means that Julie and Jamie have to kiss. We see a flashback of them wrestling in the mud pit, with Melissa observing that it's "getting sexual." Jamie pins Julie to the floor to kiss her. Oh, dear Lord. I like seeing the roommates having a good time and all, but what are they going to do next, play Old-Fashioned Tag? Seven Minutes in Heaven? Kelley kisses David. David is holding a pen in his hand like Bob Dole. On one spin, Julie grabs the bottle and points it at herself so that Matt has to kiss her. Matt won't kiss her. Julie chases him over the bed and onto the floor. This is so embarrassing. In an interview, Matt jokes that Julie didn't follow the rules and let the bottle spin. This is so boring. Does anyone care about this? In an interview, Kelley says that Matt is "scared stiff, no pun intended." Matt is hiding in between the bed and the wall. In an interview, Julie says that Matt should want her because she's hot. Matt hires a plane to skywrite, "Julie, I'm not interested" in huge letters. Julie still doesn't get it. We, as always, do.

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