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Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

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Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

NOA-TV. Elton is talking about their final show. They agree that all of their shows thus far have sucked. Melissa tells Kelley an idea for their final show -- something about an art gallery. Kelley is grateful. They go to the art gallery and Kelley explains about the show, giving Melissa all the credit for the idea. In an interview from like the second week of the show, Melissa says you can "combat the embarrassment of having a crappy show by doing more work." Kelley hugs Melissa in the middle of the road to give her a hug. Kelley is happy that it's not going to suck.

Julie and David go to his recording studio. Julie voice-overs that she's going to watch David "flow." David voice-overs that this is how he and Julie can connect. In an interview, Julie says that she's finally getting to know David and she's grateful that it's happening at all. We get it. Everything is peachy. David is shown rapping very fast in the studio. I don't know whether to be impressed or...impressed. Who knew he could talk that quickly? Of course, I have no idea if he was saying actual words or not. David voice-overs that it's "absolutely amazing" to have Julie there. And yet, last week he didn't want Matt there because it might mess up his vibe. Did the confrontation cause this change? Or does he just like Julie better than Matt? We'll never know. Julie comes into the studio and puts on some headphones, and then she starts rapping. It's so terrible. When I was initially watching the show, I had to flip to the election coverage because I couldn't watch it. It was too embarrassing. Why did they show the whole thing? The producers hate me. Julie and David hug. In a confessional, David is happy that Julie shared his world.

Countdown to the NOA-TV show. We actually get to see the full credits. Matt starts out explaining the focus of the show -- the art gallery. In an interview, Matt compares the final show to a final exam. As we see shot of the show, Matt reminisces about how bad their first shows were, and says they got to be "pretty damn good." In an interview, Kelley is impressed with their progress. Once again, we get it. They had to cut out parts of the David confrontation for this? Elton tells them all that he's proud of them. In an interview, Julie says that "Elton is a good boss." Elton makes them give themselves a round of applause. Ew. How cheesy. And that wraps up the NOA-TV storyline.

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