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Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

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Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

Julie plays the guitar on her bed. Danny asks if she is playing the song she wrote about him and Paul. Julie says she is, but that it's not finished yet. Danny applies deodorant while he says he doesn't want to hear it until it's finished. In an interview, Danny says that he asked Julie to write a song, and he gave her his scrapbook of all Paul's letters. Um, aren't those personal? I don't think I would be happy if my boyfriend showed my love letters to someone else. Julie is psyched to write a song that's not about her. Danny suggests that she sing it in front of her school. In an interview, Julie says that she wants to go back to BYU and make a change. Danny plays with the deodorant while Julie explains that she wants to go back to school and have it be different. This is all so fascinating! I wonder if Julie will be allowed to go back to BYU! Except that we all know that she can't. Danny says that if people don't like her at BYU, she shouldn't care, because she will inspire others to change. In an interview, Julie says that Danny has helped her to see that love doesn't have boundaries. Well, welcome to the world, baby girl! Julie wonders how people can question Danny's love. Danny says he can't "give a damn" or he would "fall apart."

It's raining. Julie tells Jamie she's calling BYU to find out if she can come back. The non-suspense is killing me. Julie didn't tell anyone at BYU that she was on the show because she didn't think she was going to go back. Julie leaves a message for the honor-code office. ["There's a whole office just devoted to the honor code? Damn." -- Wing Chun] Julie hops into the kitchen and tells Jamie her situation. Jamie wants to know why she might be kicked out of school. Julie reiterates all of the honor-code violations she has committed, and we get to see a black-and-white flashback for each one. She lives with boys -- she and David are talking on the bed. She doesn't keep curfew -- Julie at the rave, making her dance face. There's alcohol -- a shot of alcohol. There's immoral things going on -- Danny kisses Paul the Blur. Jamie tells her that she's "broken every rule in the book."

Matt expositions that Melissa has been "painting up a storm getting ready for her début." In an interview, Melissa explains that her art is going to be displayed in Lionel's new gallery. Melissa tells Matt about her newest painting, called "I Will Survive." It's fish. One big one, seven little ones. One of the fish, wearing a pink scarf, represents Melissa. Matt dorks that one of them should be wearing a Hawaiian shirt. In an interview, Jamie says that painting has calmed Melissa down. We get to see the painting while the song in the background says, "Look at all of the fishies." Subtle.

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