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Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

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Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

Julie is on the phone with her dad, telling him she's going to L.A. this summer. In an interview, Julie says that realizing she's in control of her own life makes her not "rage and rebel." Julie apologizes to her dad, and he admits some wrongdoing as well. Mr. Mormon wants to know if her roommates have talked her into "a different kind of life" as the camera swings inexplicably to a shot of the messy hallway. Is her dad worried that her roommates have made her messy? Is the mess supposed to symbolize her messy soul? Julie says she is choosing her own life. Aw, they made up. Closure. Julie skateboards and then climbs a tree. As Melissa's dad would say, that's what white folks do when they're happy. I can see where he would get that impression from watching this show.

Time for Danny and Paul closure. Danny talks to Paul on the phone. In a confessional, Danny talks about how much he loves Paul. Julie plays the Danny and Paul song. It's basically like every other song she's ever sung. She really needs to buy a guitar tuner. Danny listens and smiles, and when the song is over, claps. He tells her it was "the sweetest thing anyone's ever done for [him]." He's even crying a little bit.

The roommates want to have a last-night slumber party. Julie cuddles Matt. Danny and Kelley jump on the beds. Julie continues to maul poor Matt, who is saying the Lord's Prayer. He could just tell her to stop. Not that it has stopped her before. Kelley tells Julie to cut it out. In an interview, Julie says that Matt is "gorgeous" and she "can't not be attracted to him." Okay, as many times as I've said "we get it" in this recap, I still don't get what Julie sees in Matt. The end of the scene shows Jamie and Melissa cuddling, Danny and Kelley cuddling, and Julie and Matt not really cuddling. What's ironic is, if you read the New Orleans book, Julie reveals that she made out with Jamie while everyone else was asleep that night. But that doesn't fit the storyline, so it's not shown. Interesting.

Everyone packs. Jamie is on the phone with his mom, telling us what all the roommates are up to. Melissa is working on her art and moving to L.A. Julie has another year at BYU. David is going to summer school. Matt has another year at Georgia Tech. Danny is going to move in with Paul. Kelley is moving back to New Orleans to be with Peter. In an interview, Jamie says nothing will be like the Belfort house.

Time for more closure. David and Melissa sit outside alone. David says despite their differences, he has a lot of respect for Melissa. Melissa says it means a lot coming from him, because she didn't think he knew anything about her. David says he has a lot of faith in her, and he knows she's going to make it, and he's proud of her. He's still not making eye contact with her, but I'll take it. They hug. Closure.

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