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Doctor's Orders

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Doctor's Orders

The roommates arrive at the party. Kyle tries to prepare Theo for "the unexpected." In an interview, Theo says that he went to the party to prove his friendship to Chris, "regardless of what [Chris's] tastes are." Man, I'm trying to like Theo. I really am. But then he says something like that. Some guy tells Theo that it's "a fag fest," and Theo is clearly very uncomfortable and can't even look the guy in the face. Theo says he's just there to support Chris, lest the guy think that Theo know, funny that way.

Theo puts on a giant Afro wig, and Chris and Kyle laugh. In an interview, Theo says that now he would admit that he has a gay friend named Chris. Well, break out the champagne. Welcome to the new millennium, Theo.

Next week: Tonya complains to Justin about her roommates. CJP was apparently talking behind Tonya's back. Tonya confronts her. CJP says that she actually defended Tonya, but you know she'll totally cave when Tonya confronts her. I want to know more about this mysterious Darren character, which means that he'll probably never be mentioned again this season.

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