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Doctor's Orders

The roommates get ready to go to work. In an interview, Tonya says that "getting to work on time is an issue every single morning." I thought she didn't go to work, ever? CJP wakes up Aneesa, who doesn't look like she's about to hop out of bed and be ready any time soon. Tonya walks over and picks up the phone, because she has two spare seconds. Justin sounds like such a girl on the phone. It's not as bad in person, but between the tanning and the voice, he just puts off a very effeminate vibe. Justin tells Tonya that he gets into O'Hare that afternoon. Theo is still asleep, and Aneesa wakes him up. Theo stretches and says, "This job sucks." I am so Theo in the morning. And in the afternoon, frankly. I don't get going until about 6 PM. The other roommates all walk out. In an interview, Tonya says that they all "got enough balls" to say that they were just leaving. Why does that take balls? Why should they all be late because Aneesa and Theo can't get out of bed? I've been known to be late, but I would never expect others to wait up for me. Keri, Tonya, and CJP head down in the elevator, and Theo is just getting dressed. Where are Kyle and Chris? Who knows? Aneesa walks out and takes a last few drags on her cigarette before getting in the van. Theo looks grouchy.

With everyone in the van, Theo says he doesn't think it's fair that they wait for everyone else, but when it's him or Aneesa, no one waits. Didn't they just wait? What is he complaining about? Also, throughout his speech, Theo is making air quotes, which should not be allowed unless they are used ironically, and that's even cutting it close. And also, his fingers like come to a point at the end, and it freaks me out, and I'm so distracted by his creepy sharp fingers that I had to rewind it ten times to hear what he said. Tonya says that they won't play favorites, but they're still going to leave on time. Theo tells Tonya to be quiet, which is immature, but whatever. Tonya says that she can talk just like everyone else. See, that was her fatal error. Theo is grouchy, and annoyed, and she should have just shut up. Yes, she's allowed to talk. But why push it? Who cares?

Theo asks Tonya to please shut up, and be quiet, and Tonya bitches, "No!" Tonya says that it's not about her; it's about Theo not getting up for work on time. Theo says that he's going to "go straight to the source," and talk about Tonya's work, and her sickness, and how she's not getting the job done. Theo also thinks she's not going on the trip so that she can get her "bones boned." I don't understand a word he is saying. Well, I understand that he thinks Tonya's a slacker and just wants to get laid, but the rest of it doesn't compute. Suddenly, Chris is there. Where did he come from? Tonya tells Theo that he has no right to say these things, because he hasn't been in the hospital with her, and the doctor told her that she can't go on the trip. While Tonya talks, Theo just keeps right on talking too, and when she finishes, he tells her to go ahead and cry so that people will feel sorry for her. Whoa! What crawled up Theo's ass this morning? I don't know, but I like it! Yeah! Drama! Woohoo! Tonya starts crying and pleads, "Can someone make him stop?" Um, why don't you? If she would just shut up, he would, too. CJP finally tells Theo to stop, but the rest of the roommates have been very silent throughout this scene, probably because they agreed with Theo but didn't have the balls to say it. Keri tells Theo that he's looking like a baby. Theo points out that he's just saying what everyone else says behind Tonya's back. Tonya cries that everyone talks about her behind her back, and asks if they need to have it out. Yes, please. CJP tells Theo that it's one thing to be honest, but it's another to be insulting. Tonya shrieks that she can't believe Theo thinks she's staying home to "bone Justin," and that it's an inappropriate thing to say. Aneesa and Chris are both so pointedly looking out the window to avoid this whole débacle that it cracks me up. Theo thinks that Justin's trip came out of nowhere. Keri points out that Tonya has been sick for five months, and Tonya yells that she's been in the hospital, and that Theo is out of line. Theo says that he'll drop it, but that she knows what he's saying. Tonya stares out the window and sobs.

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