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Doctor's Orders

Justin goes out and reports to Tonya that she and Theo "just need to quit talking to each other." Tonya snarks that she doesn't talk to Theo, and that she hasn't since the first time he yelled at her, which isn't exactly true. In an interview, Tonya says that her fear of Theo comes from a negative experience with men. And yet, she doesn't seem to have a problem with Kyle, or Chris, or Justin. I'm sure that it has nothing to do with Theo being black. Tonya says that she's still not going to let Theo just yell at her, and Justin says that he knows.

The roommates (minus Tonya and Justin) head downstairs to catch their airport shuttle to go to Boston. Tonya is too sick to go to work, or Boston, and yet she's fine to stroll down the street hand-in-hand with Justin while her roommates take off. Suddenly, a plane appears, and now the roommates are in Boston. In an interview, Chris says that it's strange to be back in Boston with his roommates. They arrive at their hotel, and check in. Wow, this is fascinating. I hope we get to see Aneesa stealing the shower cap and little bottles of shampoo, and CJP reading the room service menu but not ordering anything. They arrive in their suite, and Kyle says that it has class. Theo runs around like a little kid. Kyle is psyched to see a bathtub. CJP is psyched to see fruit. Chris immediately calls the single room, probably so he doesn't have to deal with his roommates' annoying habit of saying "classy" all the time.

Back in Chicago, Tonya is lying in bed, resting. Not! Tonya calls her "friend" Darren, and asks how much money he's sending her tomorrow. Tonya speaks in the same voice I used to use when I called in fake sick to work, except even faker. She's acting like it hurts her even to speak. Darren wonders why Tonya needs to know the amount, and Tonya says that she has to turn in $50 for her phone bill, and she needs groceries. The phone bill is due while her roommates are all out of town? That seems shady, and like something they would have paid before leaving town. In an interview, Tonya says that Darren keeps all of her finances in order on his computer. Wow, that's not too weird. Tonya, it's called Quicken. Look into it. I think Darren is her secret sugar daddy that Justin doesn't know about. Tonya says that she needs Darren to send $100, and then whines that she doesn't like being there by herself. Darren asks if she's really alone, and Tonya says that she is, and then the genius editors cut to a shot of Justin, totally sitting at the computer while Tonya claims to be all alone. Ha! And then the genius editors throw in an interview clip of Tonya saying, "Lying, for me, stems way back to my childhood. I learned to be very good at making people hear what I thought they wanted to hear." Wow, they hate her. But ha! Darren tells Tonya that "they" are all worried about her, and that she should call when she can. Tonya says that she will, and hangs up. I am so suspicious about this Darren story. He's a photographer, and she worked for him? And he handles her money? More like he's her pimp, and he gives her money when she needs it, or he'll hit her with his sneaker.

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