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Doctor's Orders

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Doctor's Orders

Tonya and Justin walk outside and head to the airport. They're all schmoopy and it's gross. They can't even sit on the train without wrapping their arms around each other like we get it, you're in love, so what the hell are you trying to prove?

In Boston, the roommates get ready to go to the '70s party. Chris tells Aneesa that "Laurie" will be there. Some people asked on the forums whether he was talking about Lori from RW NY2, but I think he pronounced it as if it were spelled "Laurie" and not "Lori." Chris also says that there will be lesbians there, and some girls for Theo. In an interview, Chris says that Theo is nineteen and has a lot of growing to do, but that he's making changes. Kyle, Keri, CJP, and Theo go out to dinner. CJP says that the dessert table is calling to her. Kyle says that the odds of him not having something from the dessert table are the same as Theo hooking up with one of Chris's gay friends. Everyone giggles. Theo hopes that the party is "cracking." CJP says that she thinks that gay men will throw a good '70s party. Kyle guesses that it will be nothing but "YMCA" and "In the Navy" played over and over again. Girl, please. I'm sure Chris's friends have better taste in music than your fraternity brothers, or the DJ at the last wedding reception you attended. In an interview, Theo says that he'll hate being with the "gay cats," but that he'll set it aside. Well, that's magnanimous of him. Kyle appears very unsure as he claims that he and Theo normally wouldn't go to this type of party. He's all, "Right, Theo? Right, Theo? Because we are manly men, and not gay. Not gay!" We get it, Kyle. You like boobies and cooter. CJP proposes a toast to their good vacation.

Tonya, on the phone, asks Justin if he's ever read her emails, because someone is going into her account, and now two of her emails were deleted. How dumb is he? You never delete emails from someone else's account! Then they'll know! Man, he has no idea how to cover his tracks. Not that I've ever done that. I'm just saying. Theoretically. ["Plus, how stupid is she, telling her boyfriend to make up her password for her, and then actually using it? Jesus." -- Wing Chun] Justin asks who the missing emails were from. Tonya says that one was from Darren. Justin doesn't say anything, and Tonya guilt-trips him by saying that he would definitely tell her if he had done it. Justin admits that he did it one time. Justin claims that he did it, because when he asks Tonya about Darren, she blows it off, and she's not helping him get any closer to understanding the situation. Tonya says that it just makes her sad. Justin asks why it makes her sad that he wants to know more about a relationship she has that he doesn't understand. Tonya asks why he went behind her back and read her emails, and says that Darren is like a dad to her. Justin says that he wants to know why Darren is doing "this," and why he calls her twelve times per day, which isn't something a father figure does. Tonya doesn't say anything, and Justin apologizes. Tonya accuses Justin of having attitude, and Justin throws it right back at her. Go, Justin! I mean, it was totally wrong of him to read her emails, but Tonya is so not giving him straight answers on this Darren situation, and I think he's right to be suspicious. Run away, Justin! Flee! Get out while you can! Tonya tells Justin that he deserves her attitude, and Justin fucking agrees. Tonya says that she doesn't want to fight, because she loves him, but she's just sad. Justin still doesn't understand her relationship with Darren. Tonya says that Darren's like her family. That is one fucked-up family situation.

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