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More misty watercolored meeeeeemories ensue, causing Kameelah to remember in her most haggard confessional ever, "Right now, nothing matters. Every horrible thing that was said about me. Every horrible thing I said. Nothing matters now. We're leaving as a group. And that is very strange." At dinner, Syrus has learned that he "can never, ever have roommates again." Honesty is such a lonely word. Thanks for coughing some up, Sy. Genesis remembers in a confessional that she was very shy in the beginning: "I am not shy anymore." Montana tells us that she'll miss annoying Jason: "Because you're so easy to annoy." Outside, we take more pictures. Scattered pictures? I believe they are, sorrowful reader. I believe they are.

It's 3:46 in morning, and those damned kids from the CCC are...oh, it must be because they have really early flights or something. But not so early that Sean and Genesis can't sit alone in the living room and reconcile their four or five or five and a half or maybe more or less months of misgivings. Genesis notes, "I think this whole house has been nothing more than a group of misunderstandings." Yeah, it was a regular Three's Company plot tangle. A few snipes, but mostly misunderstandings. That's a realization it's important for them to come to. To remember why this season was so freakin' boring. Sean tells her that, knowing what he knows now, he would have been friends with Genesis and Kameelah. But his own "naïveness" got in the way. Not to mention his "naïveté." He comes to this conclusion about it all: "If you understand someone, how can you be prejudiced against them? Or racial about them?" The man. Is. A. Lawyer. How is he supposed to keep his legal, professional objectivity intact when he "feels racial" about people?

Sleepy, crying montage. Kameelah lies on her bare mattress (nice aesthetic touch, producers, but the beds were already made when they got there, so ha) and voices over, "There are no words to really describe what's going on right now." Here's one: Boring. I know. You know that. But c'mon. Montana calls Vaj at his toll-free 1-800-THE-PAST line to tell his machine when her flight is coming in. Oooh, la la. Flying home, I see, even though the train was good enough to get her up there in the first episode. Volunteering pays a bundle on this show, it seems. Meanwhile, Sean takes the final pool game of the season against Syrus, in an all-out battle going on everywhere except for the television set. I knew nothing about this mysterious pool battle. Sean's got game, yo. Syrus, Montana, and Sean then retire to the kitchen and toast with champagne in paper cups, Sean twisting the knife all that much deeper with his last emotional sentiment: "To all the beers we've drank [sic] before." What I meant above was that he's got lame. So very, very much lame. To all the beers he's "drank" before? Was "better days, better lays" censored by the FCC, or what?

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