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Don't Kiss Me, Kate

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Don't Kiss Me, Kate

The next day, Ace and Kate go sightseeing. They snuggle and kiss as they walk around the city. Ace interviews that he's enjoying seeing the city with Kate. Eiffel Tower Shot Trente. Ace and Kate go up on the Eiffel Tower at night, and Ace says it's nice that the first time he's seeing it is with Kate because it was romantic.

Speaking of romance, back at the house, Christina doles out the tequila shots. She and Mallory have some. The roommates head to the train station to go out. Christina is really drunk already and reveals that she's already had three shots. In a confessional, Mallory laughs at how funny Christina is when she gets drunk. Sean Paul plays as Christina dances her non-stripper dance with some guy. Adam interviews that Christina is really drunk and miserable. Christina sits down and puts her head on the table. Ace interviews that he wanted to help Christina, but that he couldn't because she was emotional. Wuh? He couldn't help her because of the emotions? Outside, Christina cries and moans that she feels terrible. Simon and Mallory try to help her. Chris comes out and helps Christina walk to a cab. Once they get home, Chris carries her into the house and tosses her in bed. She's still crying. She's also still wearing her coat and boots. He couldn't take those off? At least he put a blanket on her.

The next morning, Chris slices up some fruit and puts it on a plate that he's drizzled with chocolate. It actually looks really nice. Chris interviews that he wants to have a relationship with his roommates, so he's charming them. When he says that last part, we see a shot of Chris slugging down some chocolate right out of the bottle. Charming. Although I would totally do the same thing. Christina comes downstairs as Chris takes a photo of the fruit plate. Oh, it's for Christina's breakfast. No eggs? Christina interviews that Chris was really sweet to take care of her.

Ace and Kate eat at a restaurant. They talk about how Ace is only one hour away from graduating college. Kate assures him that he will finish. Ace interviews that he's scared of growing up and that he'd like to be twenty-one forever. Ace tells Kate that he'll never have a regular job-type job, so he'll need a playmate. Ace interviews that he wants to "work two hours a week, sleep late, play golf all day, and still make money," and he thinks he's "the only person in the world who's figured out that you don't have to work fifty hours a week to enjoy your life." Yeah, the only one. All of us freelance writers just don't count, I guess. Then again, my grandmother didn't buy me a magazine so that I can pay myself to write. Unlike Ace, whose grandmother bought his bars. And also, in my experience most people with regular jobs don't want them; they need them in order to pay their bills. Or send their kids to college. Or eat. You know, little stuff like that. If Ace can work two hours a week and still eke out a living, more power to him. But he shouldn't pretend he's discovered this big secret that no one else knows. Especially if his lifestyle is being subsidized by other people. Kate explains that she has to get a job. Ace doesn't think he has to grow up, but Kate says that he does. Ace interviews that Kate makes him feel bad for the life he has chosen, so she's basically saying she doesn't like who he is. So dump her. There are plenty of other women out there.

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