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Don't Kiss Me, Kate

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Don't Kiss Me, Kate

It's still a standoff between Ace and the cab driver. I still don't understand what this fight is about. Ace insists that he paid the cabbie, and walks off. Kate is kind of laughing but obviously ashamed of her redneck boyfriend. The cab driver walks over and puts the money in Kate's coat pocket and then spits on the ground. Huh?

Inside, Ace is still pissed off. Kate tells him that it was pretty rough. Ace interviews that he's frustrated with the language problems and he just wants to go home. Ace tells Kate that he wants to go back to America. Kate asks if Ace hates it just because a taxi driver was "ugly" to them. Kate says there are plenty of people in America who are jerks. Ace says the difference is that, in America, he could explain the problem. Because there certainly aren't any non-English-speaking cab drivers in America. Except Latka. Ace interviews that he's embarrassed that he showed so much anger in front of Kate. Kate actually lies down in bed with Ace, who is still wearing his baseball cap. So now they get to snuggle? What about her grandma?

The next morning, Ace says he hates that Kate's last night included a big fight. Ace erases the chalkboard so that Kate can leave a message to everyone. He tells her to put "It's been real and it's been fun but it hasn't been real fun." Wow, that's hilarious. Ace is like a comedian. Kate tells Ace he's "so bad," and asks what she should put. Ace says she's better than he is at those things. Kate writes, "Bye ya'll!" She's from Georgia, and she doesn't even know how to spell "y'all"? She should be ashamed of herself.

Ace and Kate head to the airport. They kiss and cuddle on the escalator. Kate doesn't seem that into it. She gets on the plane. Ace takes the train home and looks sad. Ace interviews that he misses Kate a lot and wishes he could have crawled in her suitcase and gone home with her, but that he has to stay and "tough it out."

Christina, Leah, and Mallory discuss Ace and Kate's relationship. Christina thinks they are a "good-looking couple." Leah says she really enjoyed Kate. Mallory says that Kate and Ace are "so opposite," and Leah agrees. Mallory thinks it was nice for Ace to have someone there from home. Leah points out that Kate and Ace didn't really touch or show affection to each other. Christina says that they did when they were drinking, and Leah gives her a hilarious look like, "Girl, please."

Ace tells the girls that he didn't get any action while Kate was there. Well, they asked and he answered. It's not like he was bragging or complaining about it. Leah can't believe that he and Kate didn't sleep in the same bed once. Ace says they did the last night. Leah can't believe that Ace didn't get any.

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