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Drunk Dialing

Christina interviews that talking to Chris is like talking to a two-year-old. So why talk to him? Suddenly, Christina is screaming at Chris about the straightening iron. Chris claims that it fell on the floor because he got burnt. Well, I don't believe that, but it was a nice try. Then all three of them are just screaming at each other. Chris starts mocking the girls, throwing his arms up in the air and going, "Everybody yell! Whoooo! Wooo hooooo!" He cracks me up. He's kind of an asshole, but he's funny to watch. Christina yells that Chris isn't able to get along with other people. Chris yells that he got burned, and Christina goes, "A violin for your ass!" That sounds painful. Christina gives Chris the Double Pointing Fingers of Doom and screams, "You're the problem!" Chris yells back, "You have a problem with me! Let's yell! Whoo! What's it solve? Nothing, so stay calm!" Christina keeps trying to make her point, but Chris yells, "Save it for someone who cares," accompanied by pelvic thrusts. Wow. I know logically I should side with the girls, but Chris is just so over the top that he cracks me up. I enjoy seeing someone on this show finally admit that the petty fights are just stupid and meaningless.

Eiffel Tower Shot Dix-Sept. More dogs. Chris, Ace, and Adam walk down the street. Chris says that the girls just need to tell him what they want from him. Chris interviews that he thought he knew a lot about women, and that he's discovering that he knows nothing. Well, he might try thinking about them as people first and women second. And he might try not combing his hair forward. It does diminish the parabolic effect slightly, but it's still very, very bad. Ace tells Chris to put himself in the girls' shoes. Ace interviews that Chris just needs to be more understanding. Chris says that he could write everything he knows about women on a BB.

The three boys arrive at a club. I swear to God, Ace and Adam were having an intimate moment with champagne in the corner. Chris wanders off alone, guzzling his drink. In a confessional, Chris says that he doens't feel close to anyone in the house and doesn't have anyone to relate to. Maybe his constant yelling has something to do with that. Chris tells Ace that he's going to go home alone, and stumbles off.

Once he gets home, Chris makes the terrible mistake of drunk-dialing his ex-girlfriend, Jamie. Oh, bad idea. Drunk-dialing is bad enough, but drunk-dialing the ex? The worst. Chris says he was thinking of sending Jamie something for Valentine's Day. Jamie doesn't think he should. From her voice, Jamie sounds like she's about twelve. Chris keeps trying, but Jamie totally shuts him down by saying that it's too little, too late, and that he needs to learn to be considerate. Chris just agrees and then looks at the camera like, "Wow, was that a terrible idea." Chris interviews that you should never call an ex-girlfriend when you're drunk.

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