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Drunk Dialing

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Drunk Dialing

Next, Chris calls his brother and says that he's as drunk as a bum in the subway. Chris explains that he wants to send Jamie some flowers, but that he doesn't have a credit card, so he needs his brother to do it. His brother sounds like he's pretty wasted as well, but agrees to do it. Chris hangs up and rubs his face, totally looking like he's about to spew. The extremely blown-up photo of the ear next to him is kind of grossing me out.

The next morning is Valentine's Day. Ace calls Kate, who says she just got flowers from him. Two dozen roses. I guess he scaled down his original idea. A delivery man comes up to the gate. Adam answers and accepts two giant bouquets, and then doesn't even tip the delivery man. Bitch. Adam brings the flowers inside, and we see that they are giant bouquets of tulips. Ace walks in, Nosy Parkers his way over to the flowers, and sees that the name on the envelope says "Leah" and the name on the card says "Christopher." That was not his fucking envelope to open. Where's Miami Dan when you need him? Ace concludes that Chris sent the flowers. Ace walks upstairs and says that Chris stole his idea to send flowers to all of the girls. Christina is all touched, even though the flowers totally weren't for her. Christina interviews that every girl likes flowers. Ace goes in and wakes Chris up to yell at him, jokingly, for stealing his idea. Chris is all confused and hung over and he doesn't really know what's going on. He asks whom the flowers were from and Adam replies, "You, you damn monkey." What is with him calling people damn monkeys? I hate Adam.

In the kitchen, Christina reads the card with the flowers, so you think at this point she'd figure out that they are not for her. In a confessional, Christina says that Chris sent her flowers. Okay, he didn't send anyone flowers, but no one sent flowers to Christina either. Chris wakes up and walks downstairs and his hair might be the most awesome thing I saw on TV last week. It's all sticking straight up and he looks like the Heat Miser. Chris blearily checks the cards. In a confessional, Chris says that he was really wasted the previous night and that he doesn't remember sending any flowers. He looks terrified!

Chris immediately calls his dad and asks whether he sent flowers to the girls on Chris's behalf. His dad claims he didn't do it, but he's giggling the whole time. Adam totally eavesdrops on the conversation. Mr. Chris asks if Chris sent the flowers, and Chris says he was drunk and he doesn't know. Mr. Chris advises Chris just to play dumb. Shouldn't be too hard. Chris and his dad laugh together. Chris still thinks his dad did it. Chris interviews that he thinks someone from home sent the flowers to help him out with his roommate situation. Christina comes in and hugs Chris. In a confessional, Christina says that Chris has made "a hundred percent improvement." From sending flowers? Chris tells his dad that he's not in the doghouse anymore. His dad is still just cracking up.

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