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Elton Rules!

In fine Real World tradition, Danny's mom has cooked a real meal for the roommates. Doesn't this happen about once per season? You know the scene. They all talk about how good it is. Melissa says that it must be good, because she's not talking. Then the parents leave, and Danny thanks them. Paul says "sir" some more. After the parents exit, Danny comes over to Paul and rubs his head. Matt asks if things went well, like he cares. Butt out, Judgmental Matt! Paul says he "didn't want to shove things in their face or anything." In an interview, Matt says that Danny's mom understands Paul's relationship with Danny, but he's not sure that Danny's father does. Okay. We get it. Danny's dad doesn't know they're a couple.

Now Danny's family, Danny, and Paul are near some water somewhere. Mrs. Danny, Little Brother, and Danny walk down to the water, leaving Paul and Mr. Danny sitting alone. They make some awkward small talk about various parts of the United States, and then they both agree that Colorado is beautiful. See, we can all get along! Colorado is beautiful! In an interview, Danny says that his father treats Paul the same as he would treat any of Danny's friends. Wanna know why? Because his dad doesn't get that they are boyfriends! I don't know if that's been hammered into your head yet. Danny's family climbs a tree and Paul takes a picture. It's funny, because his mom is practically falling out of the tree, and I'm sure the expression on her face is going to be a grimace.

Danny is on the phone with his mom, who is apparently back home now. Matt sits right next to him, working on the computer. Danny says that Paul liked his family. His mom asks if Paul was disappointed that Mr. Danny didn't know who he was. Danny says that he didn't tell Paul, and that he would've been disappointed, because he was all happy that Mr. Danny was so cool to him. So, wait. First, Danny pretended like he didn't know his parents would be there at the same time as Paul. Then, he pretended to Paul that his dad knew all about their relationship? Does that seem a little -- I don't know -- dishonest? Maybe it's just me. Meanwhile, I keep expecting Danny to turn to Matt and go, "A little privacy?" Matt just sits there, listening to the whole conversation. In an interview, Danny says that in the past, he had very little communication with his family. Danny tells his mom that he figured his dad was smart enough to put two and two together and figure out that Paul wasn't just "some guy hanging out at the Real World house." In an interview, Danny says he has gotten to this point by doing things a certain way, but if he wants to move ahead, he'll have to stop brushing things aside, pull them out, and deal with them. Mrs. Danny says that Mr. Danny asked who Paul was, and she said that he was Danny's friend from Atlanta, but she didn't say he was "an intimate friend." Danny laughs and says that she can say "boyfriend." His mom says that maybe someday she'll be comfortable enough to say that.

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