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Jamie wakes Kelley up in the morning to tell her that he'll write down the names and numbers of the guests for the show, and she can get to know them and formulate some questions. Kelley, who barely looks conscious, tells him to leave her the names and she'll look them up, and then thanks him. In an interview, Jamie says that when Kelley gets up in the morning, he won't interact with her if she's annoyed. Then we see him whisper to the camera, "Bitch." What? That was bitchy? He clearly has not dealt with me in the morning. If he had tried to talk business, or simply tried to talk to me at all, before my first cup of coffee, I would have screeched at him to get the fuck out and thrown three pillows and a cat at his head. Yeah, I'm not a morning person. Anyway, my point is that I didn't think Kelley's behavior was bitchy at all.

Outside NOA-TV, Jamie is walking down the street, carrying a pizza. Kelley is waiting for him, and tells him that they need the time sheets for Danny. Jamie appears to be in no hurry to accommodate her. They enter the conference room, and it's five minutes to six. The show starts at seven, remember. Danny says that he needs names and camera positions, and Jamie says he thought he gave the sheet to someone named Stephanie. Danny asks where it is now, and Julie explains that she showed it to Danny earlier, and he said it was no good. Danny says that at this point, he'll take whatever he can get, but Julie tells them it's at home. Jamie tells them all to chill out because they have an hour. See, but they don't really. They all have to be in the studio, ready to go, about fifteen to twenty minutes before airtime, so that leaves about forty minutes, right? Jamie's cavalier attitude in this scene really bugged me. Apparently, I'm not the only one, as Danny says in an interview, "I'm not gonna chill out! Don't tell me that shit again!" I wish he really had said that to Jamie's face. I've got to give Danny props for the conversation with Matt, but he needs to start saying other things to people's faces. It would be a much more interesting show. Danny says that the time sheets need to be entered into the computer ahead of time. Jamie says he will, and then proceeds not to do that. Instead, he starts eating pizza.

Some woman named Kim (not me, but wouldn't that kick ass if it were?) explains the concept of a program-sequence sheet to Jamie, who apparently was absent during the two other episodes where this was explained. I could do one by now, for crying out loud. Jamie asks her how to expand (or expound, he can't decide) on what he already has. She starts to explain patiently, but before she can get two words out of her mouth, Jamie says that he has to greet the guests and takes off. Kim asks Kelley, Melissa, and Julie if they know enough about the guests, and Kelley says, "No!" Gee, Kelley, tell us how you really feel. Don't hold back. Jamie is telling the guests that he hopes to have a "free-flowing discussion on the evolution of black music." Well, I guess now they know exactly what to expect. In an interview, Kelley says that Jamie's tactic was to get the best names, but he forgot that the interviewers have to know who they're talking to, or the guests sound really stupid and it's the host's fault.

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