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Enter Glen

Irene says Ed was a "warm person," and that it was "good" that he was an athlete. Why, I don't know. It's not like Irene is spending all day pumping iron and needs someone to spot her. Whatever.

Aaron likes Ed. Everyone likes Ed.

Potential Roommate #2: Kevin. Kevin is a little bitchy. Kevin would eat these people alive. Kevin, also, has no shot; he's too gay. I love him. Kevin tells the roommates that he is twenty-six, making him the oldest person in the room. Kevin has a very weird accent. He says he's from Queens, but he sounds like Madonna in her current British incarnation. Kevin works at a shelter for homeless kids. Kevin explains that he's been helping the homeless children of Los Angeles for three years, and that he's getting a little burned out. Tami, who tells Kevin that she works at an AIDS clinic (as she does, although we never see said clinic), can relate. Kevin obviously believes in giving to the community, which is another reason why he will never fit in with the Real Worlders.

Aaron asks Kevin if he has any questions about what they're "doing here," i.e. about "the project." Kevin asks whether any of them has said or done anything on camera that they've regretted. Dead silence, as everyone looks pensive. Flashback city, as we are treated to replays of each of the roommates yelling at one another: Aaron yelling at Jon, Jon yelling at Dom, Irene yelling at David, Beth yelling at her reflection in the mirror ("Why aren't you prettier, yet?!"), Tami just yelling. Aaron clears his throat and says they've had some personality conflicts.

My head hurts.

During the commercials, I watch synchronized swimming compulsory routines. Hee hee. You know all the synchronized swimmers are stoked that there now both synchronized diving and trampoline are medal sports in the Olympics, so they're not the butt of all the jokes anymore. I know it's silly, yo, but that synchronized shit looks hard to me. Stupid, but hard.

Tami explains that Kevin was not intimidated by "the situation." She chuckles, and explains that she and Beth and Irene all wanted to know if he was gay, but didn't want just to come out and ask him.

In her interview, Beth coyly says that she didn't want to out-and-out ask Kevin whether he was gay, so she brilliantly inquired if he had a "significant other." Oh, that is super-clever! Maybe Kevin will help you run your campaign for homecoming queen, Beth! If only you could find a way to outwit that devious Lila Fowler! Maybe you and Kevin and Bruce Patman can blackmail her!

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