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Enter Glen

Aaron calls Glen to give him the good news, but tells his roommates that's he's going to "play with him" first. Ahem. No comment. Anyway, Aaron starts the call all mournfully, barely containing his frat boy mirth, and acting like he's about to reject Glen. But, dude, he was totally shitting him, dude! Dude, you're in! Dude! Glen is all like, dude, screwing with me was totally uncool, dude. Dude! Duuuuude.

So Glen moves in. He wonders to the camera how this is going to affect his life. He's so deep and profound and shit. It moves me. Not. Right after he moves in (we think; who knows, with the B/M editing habits), he and Jon go off to play basketball, and poor little Jon, obviously thinking that he might get a friend out of this, tells Jon that Aaron thrives on conflict, and that Aaron and Dom are a clique and they're not always nice toJon. So sad. Poor Jon. Glen bounces his basketball thoughtfully.

Jon, in his interview, says he likes Glen. Irene likes Glen. Tami likes Glen. Everyone likes Glen.

Glen, Aaron and Dom go to see Inspiral Carpets at the Palace in Hollywood (remember Inspiral Carpets? I don't, really, either). Dom, with his, er, journalistic connections (and no help at all from MTV, I'm sure), gets them right into the show, and backstage, where we see the three boys schmooze with several groupies. Early '90s groupies crack me up, because they're all wearing these loose baby-doll dresses over tights and Doc Martens and it's, like, the opposite of the booby-flashing groupies of the '80s. Ah, grunge. Thank God it's dead.

Glen blathers about "studying" the band, as a fellow artist. Bite me, Glen.

On the way home from the concert, Dom and Glen get into a very stupid fight. They're discussing the practice of telling a woman you love her, just to get in her pants. Dom does it, but only if the girl says it first. Glen doesn't ever tell anyone he loves her, just for sex. Dom is drunk and belligerent. I have no idea exactly what they're fighting about, but Dom tells Glen that he doesn't appreciate his tone of voice, even though Glen's tone of voice sounds perfectly natural. Suddenly, everyone talks at the same time. Dom impotently threatens Glen with...something incoherent. Aaron just drives the car in silence.

Fight #1, dude.

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