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Making The Band

Lacey sits in the phone room trying catch someone in the toilet. One of the band douches from Enon calls; Lacey says the cast will meet them at The Parish. Good thing we had to watch that riveting conversation. Lacey then pages Mel.

Restaurant. Mel gets the page. She and Danny decide to keep eating and ignore the page. Lacey pages Mel again. She says she'll finish her glass of wine and then go. She and Danny both laugh, covering their mouths.

The kids show up at The Parish in order to film the band unloading their stuff. Man, I can't wait to see that documentary! I'm going to Netflix the shit right away! As Neh and Wes shoot, Lacey introduces herself to "Matt from Enon." He looks exactly like Emo Phillips. Neh camera-talks, "I don't like to put my name on anything that's horrible." Uh, your name is on this show, isn't it? Neh goes on to say that he's going to put a lot of effort into this "dock-a-mentary," even if no one else is going to. No one else is going to.

Restaurant. Mel and Danny drink on and decide just to pretend their pager never went off. Danny laughs, the brain swelling getting worse and worse ever second.

Alley. The band unloads their shit. The kids film.

Mel and Danny now walk, giggling that Mel is late and reeks of booze. She's "late"? Oh, no. Danny and Mel are going to have a baby!

Suddenly, the kids are filming the band in an underground garage, and as Lacey asks boring questions boringly, Neh camera-talks that Danny and Mel are late because they're busy, "smooching, and doing the dumb shit that they do." Hee. QUICK CUT TO:

Danny and Mel doing the dumb shit that they do. Danny pushes Mel to the ground in the middle of the sidewalk. They laugh and giggle. Danny climbs on top of her. Holy shit, Danny is going to rape Mel! Commercials.

So whereas it's been daylight this whole time, suddenly it's night, and whoa. Danny and Mel are really late. Danny camera-doods that they can't find Enon and that they want to go home, but that they realize they have a job to do. Mel brats that this is the worst job in the world! Yeah. I'm sure children being forced to work in the diamond mines of Sierra Leone are feeling really bad for you right now, Mel. Finally, Wes finds the drunks and leads them over to the parking garage.

Parking garage. Lacey asks another terrible question, which the band answers awkwardly. The band leaves, and Mel camera-drunks that the only person who seems mad at them for arriving late and toasted is Neh, but he's not saying anything to Mel and Danny.

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