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Making The Band

Back out on the street, Danny and Mel smooch a little as Lacey and Neh start bitching about their lack of professionalism. You know, I think Lacey is just mad that someone is getting laid. Because it sure ain't her. As Danny hits Mel with the boom mic, Neh voice-overs the best line of the night: "Danny and Melinda are retarded." Oh, so her name isn't Melanie? Huh. I never knew.

Night. Cars. Sixth street. The Parish. Enon plays. The kids film as Neh voice-overs a commercial for the band, saying how unique and fresh and creative the band is. Yeah, I'm sure Neh has tons of their albums at home. And none of them being used right now as coasters. More playing. Mel claps listlessly.

After the show, outside, the kids get some terrible interview with people who were just watching the show. Charlie Rose, they are not. Although I'm sure Charlie Rose could drink them all under the table. Combined. (Seriously, have you seen his eyes? They're more glassy than the church in Oscar and Lucinda.) Rachel then announces that they've found Halifax and should go talk to them next.

So as Wes and crew film, Rachel introduces herself to Halifax, who are exactly what I was talking about earlier. "Don't you look very punk rock?" says Rachel during the introductions, totally demeaning them. Hee. Wes asks the guys, like any good male hooker would, if they want to "party." Halifax is really psyched to party, and Danny camera-justifies that drinking with Halifax will totally get the guys' personalities to come out more. They briefly run into film-dork Paul -- who earlier warned them that they weren't allowed to drink during filming -- but nothing comes of the run-in, and they head off to commence the boozing.

Bar. Bar. Bar. Drinking. Wes films. More drinking. Danny loves drinking while working. He camera-talks about how they take their jobs seriously but not too seriously. Yes, we can see that.

Out on the street, the other kids tell Neh about Wes and Danny drinking with Halifax. Neh doesn't look happy, and tells us that Wes and Danny are being unprofessional.

Bar. "Another round!" tools one of the band guys. Jesus.

Neh arrives at the bar and quickly camera-talks that getting drunk with the band is not helpful; he walks back outside. Lacey follows him.

Warehouse. Lacey is still following Neh, talking the whole time. Lacey continues to talk serious shit, now babbling that Danny has never had a real job even though he'd claim doing construction for his dad was a real job, but that it can't be one if your boss is your pops. Man, that girl really just loves to hear herself speak. Neh bitches that he's never been out of the country, and that if the guys blow the trip for him just because they wanted to get drunk.... Lacey does a little physical comedy with the door and the key. Neh pushes past her. She's such an annoying little sister.

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