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Making The Band

Editing room. Neh babbles about the trip and drinking and how he's going to "erupt." Just don't do it all over Lacey. She's never seen that and it might scare her.

Bar. Drinking. Mel does a little awkward seat-dancing with a Halifax guy standing nearby. Because that's what happens nowadays (and believe me, I'm all for it), people try to get Rachel and Mel to make out. Rachel demurs. Mel says that she's boring when she's sober. Rachel cuts back, "You're boring when you're not single." Rachel then camera-flabs that she misses the old Melinda who used to make out with girls and dance on bars, but that she can't do that stuff now because Danny doesn't like it "when his woman does those things."

Danny films, looking on awkwardly, as Melinda totally flirts with the Halifax guys, especially this one tool with a hoodie under his jacket. She's laughing and touching him all over, in front of Danny. Mel then camera-talks about how awesome the Halifax guys are and how they remind her of guys from her high school. In what way? Because they pretend to like you and you blow them at the end of the night? Danny then tells us that he'd like not to be the jealous type, but that it's hard to watch guys hitting on your girlfriend.

They're all out on the street dancing and acting a fool (well, not Danny, who is just doing a Deadwood-patented Mega-Clench)!

Street. Walking. Danny is filming and being cold as Melinda is telling Danny, "Don't do this!" She goes on to whine that she didn't do anything. She goes to Wes and bitches about Danny, and Wes camera-schmoos that Danny needs to get his confidence back and not bitch out when a guy hits on his girl. Now Mel is rubbing it in and totally walking with the band and laughing and touching them again, as Johanna walks a ways off with Danny. Johanna tries to tell Danny how much Mel likes him. (Oh, VOMITTWICE! Of course she does. We've had to fucking watch it for months.) But Danny tells Johanna that he doesn't want to hear it, going off on a tirade about how could she claim to love him so but then hang all over these "punk" guys as soon as they show up? More shots of Mel laughing with and touching the guys as Danny bitches, "Liah. Wasting my time." The great thing is that one of the Halifax guys is walking directly behind Danny, totally listening to him bitch. I guess Danny forgot about them. And also, you know, all the cameras.

Warehouse. Y'all ready for some stupid-ass shit? Because I think we're about to get some. Danny and Melinda walk through the house and Danny tells Mel not to tell him how much she likes him and she says she wasn't about to and he says, "Good, because it's a bullshit lie." He walks off. Mel starts crying. Commercials.

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