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Rachel sexes herself up as Mohammed asks Puck why he wouldn't change. Puck says that he doesn't think everyone in the house wants him to behave differently. Mohammed says that everyone in the house wants him to be different. Puck points out that nobody in the house has asked him to change, so unless everyone asks him to, he's not going to do anything. Pam is wearing a hoodie and pouting. Everyone's pouting. Where's that coffee Puck made?

Judd poses for his senior photo with a pink background and says from over his nose, "I was hoping that Puck would actually hear us, for once." Judd asks Puck to be "less abrasive." Puck says it's not going to happen, and that they can all get together and vote him out of the house if they want. Rachel finally speaks up here to say that they don't want him to leave the house. Puck says that he doesn't want to hear whining about his attitude. He tells us that he feels betrayed by them "as friends." He can't believe they were having meetings, while he wasn't there, to decide how they were going to handle "The Puck." I think that talking about yourself in third person is enough reason for anyone to kick you out of a house.

Pedro finally speaks up and says that he needs Puck to respect certain things about him. Puck says that he doesn't agree. He says that if he and Pedro don't like each other, they don't have to be nice to each other. Pedro says that he doesn't like Puck, but that he should respect him anyway. Puck stands up here and puts on his hat as Judd interrupts to voice-over that things weren't going well. He tells us Puck realized right then that the house meeting was only to discuss Puck's attitude, and that there weren't any more issues to discuss. Cory is now on the floor in the fetal position with her cheek on the ground. She has finally found the ultimate way to be a doormat. She has become, simply, a doormat.

Rachel tells Puck that his relationships with people are one-sided. She says it's not really friendship. "Too bad," Puck retorts. They then argue about friends we've never met. Rachel tells us that she hasn't been able to be in the same room with Puck without fighting for about two weeks.

Pedro says his problem is that Puck is antagonistic. He says that Puck doesn't give a shit about him. Puck says that one of them is going to have to move out. Pedro stands up and says that one of them has to move out. Puck asks if he's looking at the back of Pedro's head now, since he's not planning on moving. Pedro is upset, standing and pointing at Puck while he argues, and Puck's not listening. Cory is now looking at Judd. Why? To get Judd to break them up? Pedro's cursing and Puck's telling him to calm down and act like an adult. Pedro calls Puck a "little kid." Pedro slams the counter and says that it's either him or Puck. Pedro leaves and says they have to make a decision before he comes back. Puck admires Pedro for taking a stand. Pedro says that he can't live in the house if Puck's there. Puck tells him to have fun on his way home to Florida. Everyone pouts some more as Pedro leaves. Puck puts a cigarette behind his ear. Pedro storms into the cab that's waiting for him as we fade to commercial.

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