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Get the Puck Out

More pouting. Puck asks whether it's him or Pedro. He says he's not leaving unless they vote him out, and Pedro says that he'll leave either way. Puck says that he'll have fun watching Pedro pack up and go. Cory laughs here because she thinks people will find this funny. Puck says that these are "rad lame circumstances," and shouts that he'll love to watch Pedro go.

"We didn't all see eye-to-eye." Shut up, Judd. Puck asks everyone to take a vote. Pam says that she doesn't want to have to choose between them. Puck says that he doesn't like people to say things they don't mean, and that if Pedro says it's one or the other, then Pedro had better be ready to leave if the roommates choose him. Pam interrupts to say that she knows Puck's like that, but Puck keeps going on and Pam keeps saying she knows that Puck's like that. Puck says that he's not going to change because he likes himself. Pam voice-overs that she realized that they were going to lose everyone in the house who wasn't willing to take whatever Puck dished out. Rachel says that everyone in the house talks about how much they can't stand Puck.

Rachel holds a pillow on her lap and tells Puck that she's tired of arguing with him because he thinks he always has a good point and that she's always being a child. She's tired of her points getting dismissed. I'm going to dismiss her for that giant Janet Jackson bone necklace she's wearing. I think it's a valid reason, don't you? Everyone else is ignoring her squeals anyway. Rachel's still going on to the effect that she always liked Puck and that she was the only one who liked him and that he doesn't give a shit about her: "Puck's right. We suck. Puck rules. We don't." Puck says that he's not going to take any shit. He says that he's going to sit there for another nine minutes while they decide what to do. He gets ready to leave just after eleven. He tells us that he wasn't going to sleep there and listen to them talk all night long. He calls Cory a mouse since she hasn't spoken a word the entire night. Judd's all upset that Puck's leaving, like they're good friends or something. Puck doesn't get to make a clean getaway because Pedro comes back into the house right then.

Pedro tells us that he can't just let things happen around him without expressing an opinion. Puck immediately starts teasing Pedro, and Pam asks Puck to stop. Pedro says that he has a few things to say. Puck's still going on insisting that he's not moving out. Pedro asks people to listen. Puck says that he'll listen. Pedro says that when Puck talks, he doesn't listen. Pedro apologizes for the way he acted. He apologizes for being out of control. He says that he regrets saying that it's either him or Puck, because it's not fair to anyone to have to choose. Pedro says that it's unhealthy for him to live in this environment. "It's not safe," he says. He says that it's not safe for his head. He says that he chooses to get himself out of the environment. Puck stands up and leaves, and we cut to Puck mocking Pedro's accent. Puck burps and packs up his things. Cory tells us that she doesn't think Puck is dangerous, and that she doesn't want to see him go. Mohammed tells us that he doesn't want to deal with Puck anymore. Pedro says that he'll pack up and go tomorrow morning. He wipes his face as everyone tells him he can't just leave, and they order him to sit down and listen. Judd says these words of wisdom: "It took Pedro to snap me out of it and realize that he's not the only one that's unhappy; maybe we all are." Judd, you can't love all of the boys equally. Judd tells Pedro, "Okay. Request denied. You can't leave." Why didn't they just try this tactic with Puck? He'd have been all, "Screw you, bitches. I'm leaving. You're so not the boss of me, fuckos!" Judd says that Pedro can't make this decision tonight. Puck stomps around with his bike helmet. Pam asks Puck to stay in the meeting. Puck says that he has somewhere to go: "Something serious to do." Pam asks for five minutes. Puck tells someone to shut up. He tells Mohammed that he'll meet with him alone tomorrow to discuss things. He says that Pedro cut off his nose to spite his face (his words), and that he doesn't want to discuss it anymore. Puck does have a point: Pedro stormed off while Puck stayed, and now that Pedro's all making these grand decisions, it affects what happens to Puck's living situation. Puck says that he lets go of everything Pedro said to him tonight. He wishes Pedro the best of luck in his life. Mohammed says that Puck only had to say that he'd try, and they'd all be happy. That's such bullshit, by the way. Puck drops his bike in the doorway in some fit, but then he's got it again as he leaves. Everyone pouts.

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