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Get the Puck Out

Pouting. Pouting. Everyone pouts. Pam has to pout on a pool table. Judd says that Rachel, Pedro, and Mohammed don't want to deal with Puck anymore. Rachel says that she doesn't want to kick Puck out of the house. Judd says that he wishes they could work it all out, but he doesn't see how that's going to happen, so he wants to know whether they want to kick Puck out of the house. Cory warbles that Puck was really trying to get along with everyone. She says Puck was telling Pedro that there were things Puck liked about him. Everyone tells Cory she's an idiot until Judd asks everyone to talk one at a time. Pedro talks about himself in the third person, so he should be kicked out as well. Everyone's out. Simple solution. Move on to the next season. Cory doesn't want to talk to Pedro because there's no possibility of them hooking up, so she wants Puck back. Pedro says that he thinks he's a nice person and Puck isn't. He says that Puck must be extremely rude for Pedro not to want to deal with him anymore. Cory warbles and whines that she just wanted to say something in Puck's defense since he's not there to defend himself, and then she just apologizes and backs down and stuffs herself back into her little box of pity and sorrow. She's got the spine of an amoeba. Pam has to explain to us that Cory feels like all of her work at getting to like Puck is just going to waste now that he's going to be kicked out. Oh, so sad for her. Cory says that she doesn't want Puck out of the house, but she agrees that nothing will be solved by Pedro's leaving. Judd repeats that he thinks Puck should leave. Then he's all defensive that he's making a vote and a decision. Mohammed says that he'd rather have Pedro over Puck. Isn't Pedro in the room? I'll bet that makes it easier to vote for Team Pedro. Pam says that she didn't want it to be six on one. But now she feels like Puck should go because of the way he acted. Judd uses his good brain to conclude, "If we're making this decision, we're making this decision." Rachel now is completely on her back with a pillow over her torso, whining that she doesn't want to make this decision. On one hand, there's a guy with whom she morally disagrees and who isn't attracted to her, and on the other hand there's a guy with whom she morally disagrees and who isn't attracted to her. Rachel's eyes have no choice but to pop out so far that her tendons are screaming. Rachel says that she has loyalty to Puck, and everyone else rolls their eyes. Rachel sums it up: "God. I. It's very difficult for me to say, 'let's kick Puck out,' because I can't. It's. Uh. I. Uh. I. I don't. Uh." Judd wipes his face with his hand and we cut to Rachel as she mumbles, "I agree." Then she cries and Judd consoles her arm. Rachel says that Puck didn't take them seriously.

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