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Eye In The Sky

Nehemiah lies in bed with Melinda and gives her relationship advice. Nehemiah points out that Melinda claims she loves Jason, and yet the first day she met Danny, she felt a connection with him. In conclusion, Melinda doesn't really like Jason that much.

Melinda calls Jason on the phone, and tries to keep it short, since he's talking to her from a bar. Melinda interviews that her phone conversations with Jason are awkward because she gets the vibe that he's not into her anymore. Melinda keeps trying to get off the phone, and then when Jason finally does what she wants and hangs up, she gets pissed off. Mature.

The roommates are all at home when their doorbell rings. They have a package telling them that a taxi will be waiting for them outside at 9:40 AM, which is a weird time. They all assume that this meeting will be about their job. Lacey interviews that she's worried the job will be stereotypical Texan. I think she means like rodeo clowns or something. Oh, that would be genius. How much would you pay to see some of these people get gored by a bull?

That night, Danny sits on the edge of Melinda's bed. Why is Melinda always sleeping? She's rarely out of bed. Melinda asks if Danny's going to go out tonight, and Danny says he'll stay in. He seems kind of depressed. Melinda interviews that she's trying to cheer Danny up, so she decides to stay in and "show him a good time." And by "a good time," she probably means "my asshole." Danny interviews that he used his injury to get sympathy from Melinda, as he chuckles. Danny and Melinda both admit that they are horny and have had sexual thoughts about each other. Melinda wonders if she should just start humping the bed, and Danny says that he can take care of her.

All of the other roommates go out. Jo interviews that Danny and Melinda have a bond, and that it's fine with her, because she wants to go out and have a good time while Melinda stays home and plays nursemaid.

Danny lies on Melinda's bed to talk. Danny counsels Melinda to break up with her boyfriend so that she can really enjoy her time in Austin. Cut to Nehemiah rapping in a club somewhere. Back in Melinda's bed, Danny and Melinda continue their pillow talk. Melinda interviews that it feels good to have Danny in her bed. Cut back to Nehemiah freestyling some more. Nehemiah gets off stage and tells Wes that he wishes Danny and Melinda were there. Cut back to Danny and Melinda spooning in bed. Melinda says that she feels "a really strong connection" with him. Man, is she the perfect Bachelor contestant or what? She falls in love in two days and she totally has the lingo down.

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