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Eye In The Sky

A little later, Danny and Melinda are totally making out. Melinda voice-overs that Danny's supposed to be taking it easy, but that he started it. Just then, the roommates arrive home and totally walk into Melinda's room and just stare at Melinda and Danny. Finally, Danny gets up and leaves. Danny jokes with Nehemiah that they totally interrupted the hookup. All the girls giggle with Melinda as Danny tries to figure out which pain is worse: his eye, or his blue balls.

The next morning, the roommates get ready to go to their meeting while complaining that they didn't get enough sleep. Jo interviews that she hopes their job has to do with entertaining and performing. How meta. They pass a lot of road construction, and Wes gets worried that they're going to do manual labor. Ooh, working on a road crew would be another awesome job for them. Anything that involves pain and suffering.

The roommates arrive at some sort of warehouse and search around for an open door. Some giant doors open and reveal a studio inside. John Pierson, an independent filmmaker and author, is inside. He explains to the roommates that they are at the Austin Film Society, which will be sponsoring the roommates. Pierson explains that he's worked with Spike Lee and Michael Moore. At the mention of Michael Moore's name, Rachel makes a retching noise. Because that's professional. Look, I don't like the dude all that much either, for reasons unrelated to his politics, but if my boss mentioned his name, I would keep my trap shut. Because no one cares. Anyway, Rachel explains that she disagreed with his choice to show dead soldiers in Fahrenheit 9/11. I wonder if she's even seen the movie. I haven't (see "Michael Moore, Dislike Of" above), so I wouldn't pretend to know anything about it. But I'm not Rachel. Thank God. Pierson is like, "Moooooving on!" and explains that Moore makes documentaries, and that the roommates will be making one too, about SXSW. Lacey interviews that she's excited, because she would probably attend SXSW even if she wasn't assigned to it. Pierson explains that they'll need to produce, direct, shoot, and edit the film themselves, but that they will get help from Paul Stekler, and that they should go see him soon. Nehemiah interviews that his degree is in film arts, so this is right up his alley.

And now it's time for the Most Awesome Thing I Saw on TV Last Week. The most awesome thing I saw on TV last week was every episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 on Soapnet. I watch it every weekday! Right now, they are in the episodes just before Brenda leaves the show. So Andrea is totally having a premature baby, which I think they had to do because they didn't make Andrea pregnant on the show until Gabrielle Carteris was about twenty months pregnant already, so they had to have Andrea give birth prematurely or else it would be really obvious. And my favorite thing to do after every one of Andrea's lines is yell, "Because you're forty!" I can't believe she got hired for the role. And then Steve was dating crazy Laura, the actress who tried to commit suicide in the theater. And Brandon and Kelly are totally cuckolding Dylan, and Dylan's fake stepmother is scamming him, and every day Brenda has a different hairstyle and hair color, and David is singing with Babyface and making out with Ariel in a limo, and Steve is wearing hightops everywhere in case a basketball game breaks out, and Nat is whatever and Jim and Cindy are whatever and I know that pretty soon, Val shows up and I can't wait for her first episode where you think she's all nice and sweet and then at the end she SMOKES POT! I was so scandalized the first time I saw that episode. And it was awesome.

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