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At the San Diego Central Jail, Brad walks through a doorway, accompanied by two deputies. They show him to the elevator, and one of them says that this is "a minor bump on the road." The phone rings at the house, and Randy answers, since he's apparently the only one actually sleeping in the phone room. I thought they were all going to! Lame. Brad says, "Dude, Randy. Let's party, dude." Nope, he's not killing brain cells with alcohol. Randy tells Brad, "Robin too. She got picked up, man. A battery, man." He sounds oddly like Ringo Starr. Brad says that jail sucks. Isn't that kind of the point? If it were fun, people wouldn't mind going, and thus would commit crimes at random. Or more at random. I know that watching Oz convinced me never to commit any crime that would involve going to prison. Brad interviews that it was "a sheisty situation," but that he figured that he got himself into the situation, so he should deal with it. Brad tells Randy that there were no charges filed against him. Randy says that Robin isn't so lucky. Brad says he's going to walk or take a cab home, and they hang up. Brad starts walking, but then decides to hail a cab. He sits in the back of the cab with his giant bottle of water, looking fairly bedraggled. As you do, after a night in jail.

The phone rings again, and Randy answers. It's Robin, and she orders him to come to the prison and pick her up right now. She's awfully bossy for someone who's asking a favor. Randy asks for the address, so that they can take a cab. I guess he feels that he's too drunk to drive, and I applaud that he's aware of that fact, but I would totally wake up a roommate to drive me out there. Robin interviews that she's "blown away" that Randy waited by the phone and couldn't sleep until he knew she was home safe. Well, he did sleep. Just not in his bed. And he was waiting for Brad's call too. I'm just saying that I don't think Robin should read too much into the gesture.

Brad continues riding in a cab. He is glad he didn't try to walk home, because it's really far. Randy hails a cab. Brad spots him and tells his cab to pull over. Brad pays the fare and then goes and talks to Randy. I'm not sure what the big rush was about, because all they do is say "dude" and "bro" and "man" and "seriously" and "dawg" and then Brad says he needs to go home and shower and Randy takes off in his cab.

Brad walks into the house. Everyone is sleeping. Brad walks right into the shower and avails himself of the facilities. He walks into Jamie and Cameran's room and starts babbling about how nasty the jail cells were. Dude, they were sleeping. Brad is disgusted at how scummy the jail cell was. Again, I don't think they're going to be hiring decorators soon to make the experience a pleasant one. Brad brags about how rowdy he was in the cell, and I'm not sure he should be proud of that. Cameran asks if that was Brad's first time in jail, and Brad says that it wasn't. Cameran asks how many times he's been in there, and Brad asks, "Jail or holding cells?" Everyone giggles, and Brad vows to stay home for the rest of their tenure in the house. Yeah, that'll last.

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