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Fat Tuesday

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Fat Tuesday

Police cars go down the street, signaling the end of the parades, and then street cleaners follow. Danny is sweeping the porch, and he voice-overs that "Mardi Gras brings out the beast and the animal" and he's "glad it's over with." Yeah, you and thousands of other New Orleans residents, I'm sure. The phone rings in the background, but Danny continues by saying that Paul can overlook people doing dumb things because he knows it means nothing. In case you didn't get it that time, we see Danny on the phone with Paul saying that it meant nothing, and it was just Mardi Gras bullshit. Paul says he's not upset (!), and then mumbles something about "something wrong." I can never understand what these two are talking about. Danny says that if it upsets Paul, he should say something. Paul says he knows where Danny's heart is. Paul is the most forgiving person on the planet. I would have ripped Danny a new one. In a confessional, Danny says that he's thankful that Paul is cool with it and not upset, and that he's lucky because if he were on the other side, he'd be upset with Paul. Doesn't that kind of say that Danny lost some respect for Paul over this incident? I think it does. Back on the phone, Paul asks if jealousy is bad. Danny says that it's natural, until you cross a line where you don't trust the other person. Paul says he trusts Danny with all his heart. We see Danny symbolically sweeping the last of the garbage away. See, garbage equals Mardi Gras equals Danny's evil, cheating side. And Danny is metaphorically sweeping away his bad cheating side just as he literally sweeps away the Mardi Gras debris. Can you tell I was an English major?

Next week: Danny says that a line is drawn between David and the rest of the house. They learn they are going to South Africa on vacation, because apparently we haven't discussed racial issues enough this season. Julie points out that all of them together all the time is going to be "hairy." Someone dangles from a ledge and screams. I hope it's Matt.

Over the credits, Matt and Danny discuss how they had to piss in a bottle while on the float, and people wanted them to throw beads, and they couldn't because they were pissing. Danny caps off the conversation by saying, "Thank God, no one had to take a dump." What can I add to that? Nothing.

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