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Fat Tuesday

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Fat Tuesday

Danny walks out of the house with a group of men. I hope Melissa got a count on how many of them were gay, since she seems to be keeping track. Danny voice-overs that he and "Wes" and some friends went to Oz (in a limo!), and that he has been "very tempted this weekend to be bad" and it's "very hard at this point." I think he means that the situation is hard. Get your minds out of the gutter! Wes kisses Danny on the cheek. Danny voice-overs that he is proud of himself for resisting temptation in situations where it would be very easy to lose control. Famous last words, General Custer. We see more shots of Danny getting hugs and kisses from random boys, and then some more floats go by.

In an interview, David says that Mardi Gras is about "letting go." Then we get to see that David meant letting go of his pride and self-respect. David has a blanket wrapped around him and is talking to some chick, who is sitting at the computer desk. David is mumbling something about "driving her home" and that chick can leave if she wants. The on-screen text informs us that the computer desk chick is a "friend of David's 'date,' who is waiting upstairs." I love that they put "date" in quotation marks. Friend says that she'll just hang out there. Then we see David getting into bed, and apparently his "date" doesn't want to show her face because she's hiding under the covers. David voice-overs that when he's "hooking up with somebody," it's "just a physical thing." As opposed to when others hook up mentally, I guess. Jamie goes to make a phone call, using the phone on the computer desk, and makes awkward conversation with Friend, who is still sitting there playing Minesweeper or something. David voice-overs that if Matt's in the room, he still has to "get [his] groove on." David continues, by saying that "as long as there's no shame in her game," he's going to go ahead and do his thing. Ew! All you see is David's comforter moving around, due to the people HAVING SEX under it, and then Matt lying in his bed with his pillow over his head. God, who knew I would ever feel sorry for Matt? I don't know why he doesn't do what I used to do when my college roommate would start getting busy with her boyfriend while I was in the room: yell out, "I'm awake, you know!" Of course, my roommate had a modicum of respect, which David clearly does not possess. That is just nasty. Nas-tay.

A drunken Jamie and not-as-drunk-Kelley are standing outside, listening at the "door" (it's actually a curtain). Kelley whispers to ask what they are listening to. Jamie says it's "the sounds of kertanging in the morning" and they both bust out with giggles. Julie comes out of her room in a towel to ask if Matt is in there. Kelley says, "I don't know. Probably." Julie makes retching noise and runs back into her room. Kelley whispers to Jamie that "her friend is playing on the computer downstairs." We get a shot of Friend totally opening all their files and shit. I hope Matt showed them how to password protect them! Jamie says that he'll sleep in Danny's bed. Julie says that she's sleeping in Melissa's room. I don't know why she's not sleeping in her own room. Kelley says that she'll be sleeping in her own room, but "not kertanging!" Jamie makes a gesture like he's pulling back a bow and arrow, which I don't get. Oh, Dr. Peter is coming over. Jamie runs into Melissa's room and yells, "Slumber party!" I think I like Jamie better when he's drunk. Dr. Peter appears in Kelley's room, wearing only pajama bottoms. Julie says she "needs to talk to Melissa, big time," and walks out.

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