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Fat Tuesday

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Fat Tuesday

The on-screen text tells us that it's the Monday before Mardi Gras. Danny is talking to Paul on the phone. He says he was hanging out with mostly gay people last night, and they were cool kids but they were "typical," and he's a lucky boy to have Paul. In an interview, Danny says that there is always a voice in the back of his head saying that if he can get Paul, maybe he can get someone ten times better. I say that if he thinks it's possible that there is someone ten times better than Paul, he's probably misguided, but he should do Paul a favor and let him find someone who appreciates him. Still on the phone with Paul, Danny confesses that he usually thinks with his dick, and that the biggest test was "being exposed to someone [he's] attracted to, and being able to look away from that and think of [Paul]." Danny feels he passed that test, and he's not thinking with his dick anymore. Boy, he's really verbally tying the noose, isn't he? Paul says that as far as he is concerned about the future, Danny is his heart and soul. Danny says he feels the same way. Paul misses him. Didn't Paul watch the Hawaii season? Gay military significant others always get cheated on! Always! He and Jess should form a support group.

The roommates find their float in a big warehouse. In an interview, Matt has a really good tan, so this must be after their vacation. Matt says that before he came to New Orleans, he didn't understand Mardi Gras, or how much it means to the city, or how much money is spent. The roommates all put on what they call "clown suits," but what look to me like a cross between Oompa Loompas and the dancing spacesuit guys in the Intel ads. In an interview, Melissa says she feels ridiculous, and she shows how ridiculous by dancing around and hugging her roommates, I guess. They all dance around, then they get on the float and it starts to pull out. It's still daylight at this point.

In an interview, Jamie says that David "for some reason chose not to go on the float." David is on the phone, inviting people over for a barbecue. In an interview, David says he didn't want to go, and that he wanted to experience Mardi Gras from a "spectator point-of-view." Yeah, because he didn't get that opportunity all week when he was sleeping on the couch while Julie and Melissa actually watched a parade or two. Why doesn't he just admit that he wanted to take advantage of his roommates being out to throw a party without them? I would admire him a lot more if he were at least honest about his intentions. David talks on the phone some more, telling someone they are going to "chill on the porch." I hope he doesn't really think that any of these people would hang out with him if he weren't on television and didn't have a prime parade-viewing house. In an interview, Julie says that David doesn't come to a lot of the things that they do, and he says he's not trying to exclude himself. Then Julie imitates David, "Woo, woo, that's not my scene, woo, woo." Hee! That was actually funny. To underline Julie's point, we see David say on the phone, "I'm gonna bounce now, and get all this stuff, woo, woo."

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