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Fear of a Black Planet

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Fear of a Black Planet

Keri goes out on her date. They go to a restaurant. Tyler suggests that they get bruschetta, and Keri immediately agrees. Tyler asks if she's always this agreeable, and Keri says that she's not, but he just picked the right thing. They eat bruschetta and drink wine. In an interview, Kyle says that he's jealous, and that it bothers him that Keri is going out with this guy. Well, at least he can admit it. Keri tells Tyler that it bothers her when a guy tells her she can't do something like change a tire. In an interview, Keri says that they are having a great conversation and that Tyler is a sweet, nice guy.

Keri brings Tyler back to their apartment and introduces him around. Kyle shakes Tyler's hand. In an interview, Aneesa says that Keri brought Tyler home to prove a point to Kyle. Keri and Tyler kiss goodbye. In an interview, Keri says that Kyle doesn't like Tyler being there. She doesn't know if it's "the protective big brother thing" or if he's jealous.

Tonya arrives at the airport. Meanwhile, Theo is brushing his teeth. Why are these two things cut together? I have no idea. Kyle and CJP greet Tonya at the airport with big hugs. In an interview, Kyle says it's cool that Tonya is back because their roommate situation feels complete with all seven of them. They pick up Tonya's gigantic suitcase. Tonya tells Kyle and CJP that she thinks that Justin found her birth certificate, because he told her that there was "something really big in the mail" that had to do with her past. Enough about the birth certificate, please! It is so not difficult to obtain a birth certificate for yourself or someone else.

Theo hangs up the phone. Tonya unpacks. In an interview, Tonya says that she opened up her suitcase and found that Justin had given her a birth certificate. She hugs CJP. In a confessional, Tonya cries about her stupid birth certificate. Tonya runs around the house showing off her prize. It's not the Holy Grail, for crying out loud. In a confessional, Tonya says that she saw that she writes like her mother. Didn't she live with her mother until she was twelve? It's not like she was taken away at birth. I don't mean to downplay the difficulties of Tonya's life, but come on. She's such a drama queen. Tonya reads the letter Justin wrote to CJP and Kyle. It's so gay. I refuse to recap any more about the birth certificate business, because it's all so stupid, and I don't want to give Tonya any more attention on this issue. Tonya calls Justin and thanks him, and says that she's going to marry him. Good. I wish she would marry him right now and move out of the apartment.

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