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Fear of a Black Planet

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Fear of a Black Planet

Kyle asks Theo to sit down with him in the living room. Theo asks if it's that serious. Kyle explains that "all the women in this house" are having major issues, and they want to have a meeting with Theo. Theo says that he doesn't care. Kyle says that he physically intimidated Tonya. Theo says he can't do anything about Tonya's reactions, which is true. Kyle points out that Theo can't deal with Tonya in the same way that he deals with others. They're such enablers of her penchant for drama. Kyle says that Tonya has incidents in her past having to do with men. In an interview, Theo says that he can fight with Aneesa all day, and they'll laugh about it later, but Tonya's not like that. Theo says it hurts him that Tonya was so scared.

Theo talks to his dad on the phone. His dad asks if he cussed Tonya out. Theo says that he did, and then says that he's going to apologize, and that Tonya is a beautiful young girl and inherently sweet. In an interview, Theo says that he doesn't want Tonya to be scared of him. Theo tells his dad that he wants to talk to Tonya so that they don't need to have a meeting.

Theo tells CJP that he doesn't want the women to be scared of him, but that it's not necessary to have a meeting. In an interview, CJP says that she hates taking sides, so she feels torn between making Tonya feel safe and insulting Theo. CJP explains that Tonya has issues with men. I think we all got that. Theo says that he doesn't want the other female roommates to look at him like he's the bad guy. In an interview, Theo says that he doesn't want to be the outcast or the "militant black guy." CJP says that Theo let her down, and that it would make her feel better to hear that he feels bad about the whole thing. Theo says that he made a mistake. CJP thinks it's great that he's talking to her, but that he really needs to talk to Tonya. Theo says he was just about to do that.

Theo asks Tonya if he can please talk to her. Tonya says that she doesn't have anything to say to him. Of course she doesn't. If she talks to him like an adult, then she has to stop acting like the wounded victim and thus getting all the attention and sympathy. Theo says that's fine, and adds that whenever she's ready to talk, he'll be there.

In the bathroom, CJP tells Tonya that Theo feels horrible and knows that what he did was wrong. Tonya says that Theo should feel horrible, and that she doesn't want to talk to him tonight. She really loves playing the wronged person, doesn't she? In an interview, Tonya says that when she loses trust in a male, it won't come back, and her guard is up.

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