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Leah tells CT that they're ordering pizza for their last day there, but she warns him not to order it. She doesn't want the boys to order it because she thinks they will fuck it up. Dude. It's pizza. How hard could it be? Just write it down on a piece of paper. And frankly, how badly could they screw up the order? So someone has to pick off the topping they don't like. God, Leah is high-maintenance. Can you imagine being married to her? She wouldn't let her husband do anything, because she's such a control freak. In a confessional, CT says that Leah is being a bitch today. "Today"?

Ace and CT lie outside in the sun. CT interviews that he and Ace were waiting for the pizzas to arrive, and that they had a buzz. So did Leah order the pizzas before she left? I guess she actually trusted the stupid boys to pay the deliveryman. Also, I guess they don't have decent pizza places in France or something, but Domino's is the worst pizza I've ever had, and hardly worthy of serving at a last-night celebration. CT interviews that Ace suggested that it would be funny if the girls came back and Ace and CT had eaten all the pizza. Ace and CT gather up all the empty pizza boxes and toss them about the yard to pretend like they ate all fifteen pizzas. How sad is it that they have at least fifteen empty pizza boxes just lying around the house? Ace puts one box on a bush. Ace laughs at how excited the girls get about food.

Adam walks outside and says that he doesn't get the joke. CT explains that the food didn't come yet, and that they're playing a joke on the girls. Adam laughs. Adam interviews that this could either turn out to be a dud, or they could get in trouble. The girls return to the house. Where in the hell is Simon? Leah bleats, "You fat, fat bastards." She sees some of the pizza boxes lying around and accuses the boys of being drunk. Ace puts his hat over his face so she won't see him laughing. Leah asks CT how many pizzas he ate. CT says that he ate at least three and a half. Leah immediately flies off the handle and tells CT that he ate someone else's pizza. Adam interviews that Leah is about to rip CT a new one, and CT is just egging her on. Leah continues to complain about it, even though the other two girls are kind of chuckling and really don't care. Leah points out one pizza box and says that it was hers, and CT ate it. She continues getting more and more pissed and calls them dickheads.

Adam starts to explain the joke. CT yells at him to stop, and to let the joke go. Adam interviews that he didn't think they needed a big blowup on the last day. Leah walks around and starts picking up the empty boxes, accusing the boys of making a big mess. As I've said many times this season, Leah just loves to be pissed off about something, so now that she knows that they didn't eat the pizzas, she has to find a new issue, which is apparently going to be the mess. Ace tells her that they'll clean up. CT and Ace yell that the pizza hasn't gotten there yet. Ace and CT giggle. As practical jokes go, that was pretty weak, although it is always kind of funny to see Leah get all wound up over nothing.

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