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Eiffel Tower Shot Cinquante-Sept. The roommates are at the office. Christina interviews that it's their last day at work, and that she really enjoyed the travel writing. Brice thanks the roommates for their biographical essays. He compliments their writing. Adam interviews that Brice did a great job as their boss. Brice says he wants to read something out loud, but that he doesn't want to embarrass anyone. Someone yells for Brice to read it anyway. As Brice starts reading it, we fade into Mallory reading her essay aloud in the confessional. Basically, it's all about Ace, and how great he is, and how much living in Paris changed him. Yes, based on his rant in the hot tub a few scenes ago, he's really changed. Plus, in trying not to identify the gender of the essay's subject, Mallory frequently has to use the pronouns "they" and "them," which bothers me. I know it's becoming accepted use, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. ["I'm with you, sister." -- Wing Chun] Mallory interviews that she wrote about Ace because he has changed for the better.

Brice has individual meetings with each person. Brice says he's asking everyone this question, and asks Mallory, "Did you actually write and research everything that you did?" Mallory says she did, and Brice says that he figured that she did. Mallory thanks him. Mallory interviews that she'll be disappointed if their work doesn't get published, but that she would understand if that happened, since some people didn't do the work. Now it's CT's turn. Brice asks him the same question he asked Mallory. CT interviews that he doesn't like lying, which we know is, in fact, a lie.

CT admits that he didn't go to Versailles. CT says that he and his teammate just decided not to go, but to write it up anyway. Brice asks if that's the only one. CT says he thinks that's it. He thinks so? He's not sure if he made up any other assignments? Brice nods and says that he's not trying to get anyone in trouble, but that he doesn't want to publish plagiarized articles. Brice asks if there's anything else CT wants to say. CT asks what Brice's sign is. Wuh? Where in the hell did that come from? Brice says that his sign is Aquarius, which means that you can't pull anything over on him. CT says that's why he came clean, and they laugh. They shake hands. We don't get to see Leah's meeting. In an interview, Leah says, "Brice asked me if I had researched and written all of my work, and I have. I didn't visit, but I researched and wrote." And then she concludes with a smug smile that I want to slap off her face. She didn't write it! She copied it! I guess she considers that "research." I hate her so much.

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