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Christina asks Leah and Mallory to join her in the hot tub. Leah gulps a giant mug of beer and says she doesn't want to go if CT is out there. Ace, Adam, Leah, and Christina get in the hot tub. Leah makes some comments about how the hot tub is clean because CT isn't there, and then says that they should get naked. Christina takes her top off, but you don't see anything because she's underwater. Ace takes off his trunks and shoves them onto Christina's head. Ew! That's gross. His balls were just in there. Ace puts on Christina's bikini bottoms, and Christina slaps his ass. I know I've said repeatedly that I don't find it funny when men dress as women, but I think I could make an exception for men in women's bathing suits. That's kind of funny. Adam is all fired up about Ace's naked ass.

Mallory walks out with a camera and takes pictures of Ace's ass and Christina's boobs. Leah flashes the camera as well, and then says that while she feels comfortable right now, if CT got in there she would have "a heart attack" or "a stroke." Come on, CT! We're all counting on you to make it happen! CT comes outside and calls out to the girls, "Let me see 'em!" Leah tells everyone that if CT comes over, they need to hand over her bikini immediately. CT yells, "Leah, the last thing I want to do is see you naked, so relax." Leah maturely and classily makes a face like she's retching. In a confessional, CT wonders why Leah has to point him out and make him look like a dirtball. From what I've heard, CT kind of is a dirtball, at least when it comes to personal hygiene. That said, I still hate Leah.

The roommates, minus CT, go out to dinner on their last night. In a confessional, Leah says that CT decided to stay home, and that it sucks. Oh, like Leah cares. CT interviews that he's not feeling the love from the other roommates, so he's staying home, and that he wishes things were different. I think CT's hair has reached full Mike Brady-with-a-perm status at this point.

The roommates arrive at a fondue restaurant. They drink wine from a baby bottle. Why? I don't understand the point. I don't really understand fondue either, but at least that's an established method for preparing and eating food, like grilling. But wine in a baby bottle? That's just dumb. Leah interviews that she feels bad about taking part in hurting someone's feelings. No, she doesn't! She loves to hurt people's feelings. She lives to hurt people's feelings. The roommates all sit on one side of the table for some reason. Mallory says that it's crazy that the whole thing is over, and that Leah won't have to see CT anymore, and that Mallory won't get to see Ace anymore. In a confessional, Mallory says that she's going to miss Ace a lot. Mallory and Ace joke around and snuggle. Christina and Simon kiss each other's cheeks. Ace offers up a stupid toast about ships, and how friendship is the greatest ship. Some stranger takes the roommates' picture.

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