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Eiffel Tower Shot Cinquante-Huit. Back at the house, Ace and Adam rearrange all of the furniture to create a giant nest of cushions, mattresses, and pillows. At one point, the spiral staircase is full of pillows, and Mallory is lying on them, and she slides down the stairs. That actually looks really fun. That's like when my brother and I decided to stage the 1980 Winter Olympics in our house, and we recreated the luge using a sleeping bag and our stairway. We also had speed skating (hardwood floors, talcum powder, and Dad's socks) and figure skating (same, but with my mom as a judge, who would always give us tying scores, because she's a mom). Those were the days. Ace interviews that it's their last night together, and that he hopes everyone can hang out as a big group. Simon does a flying leap into the cushion nest, and Christina reveals that she was buried underneath some pillows.

CT looks on and laughs, and then in a confessional says that he's been thinking about his arguments with his roommates, and he's realizing that he might have overreacted and it's not that big a deal. Leah writes on a notepad, and Adam asks whose yearbook it is. Leah says that it's CT's, and we see that she's written, "What up brother? It's been an insane 4 1/2 months with you. We've had our fights and disagreements but that was predictable." Wow, she really is signing it like a yearbook. Is she going to finish it off, "Stay sweet and give me a call sometime this summer! LYLAS!" I actually had some girl write her phone number in my yearbook one time, and we weren't even friends. I'm sometimes tempted to call that number and ask for her, just to see what would happen. Leah interviews that CT has taught her that sometimes you have to let things go, and that it frees up space for good things. The roommates lie in a big heap on the cushions. Mallory says she doesn't want to go to sleep, because that would mean their last day will be there. Ace says he'll miss her, and Mallory says she'll miss him too. The camera switches angles, and you can see that while Leah and Christina are totally asleep, Adam is pretending to be asleep with his hat over his face, looking sad, and listening to Mallory and Ace. Hee! In a confessional, Mallory says that she's nervous to go home, and that she thinks she will miss Paris a lot.

The next morning, the roommates wake up and gather their things. Ace takes one last hot tub alone. He interviews that, somewhere along the line, Paris started to feel like home. In a confessional, Simon says that he always looked at what he didn't have instead of what he did have, and that none of them realized how lucky they were. I know what I didn't have this season: nearly enough Simon.

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