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Finally, Some Drama!

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Finally, Some Drama!

Aneesa walks into a club called Red Dog while Pink sings about getting the party started on a Saturday night. In an interview, Aneesa says that she went there to meet some chick named Lynn, and wanted to get to know Lynn's friend. We see Aneesa talking to some chick with short blonde hair; her name is Veronica. She has a carefree mind of her own and a delicate look in her eye. Okay, not really. We're going to call her Feminem (tm vabearcub), due to her short bleached hair and penchant for wifebeaters. In an interview, Aneesa explains that Feminem just got out of an eight-month relationship, but Aneesa thinks that she's really hot.

Back at the loft, Aneesa laughs a lot and gives her phone number to Feminem. In the elevator on the way down, a slow jam plays as Feminem leans in and kisses Aneesa. In an interview, Aneesa says that Feminem is a cool person, hot, and a good kisser. Aneesa can't wait to call her and go out again, and have at least one woman she's interested in.

The next morning, Aneesa listens to a phone message from Feminem, who is just calling to say good morning. In an interview, Aneesa says that Feminem is so hot because she already left a message. I have to say that I'm not seeing Feminem's hotness, but whatever.

It's mural-painting time! Could there be a less interesting job to watch? It's like watching paint dry. Ha! I crack myself up. In an interview, Aneesa explains that they are going to be working with a bunch of kids to paint a mural. Some woman named Lara introduces herself, and then introduces the kids to Theo, Tonya, Aneesa, and CJP. In an interview, Aneesa says that she loves working with kids and having the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. Aneesa points out that Theo has architecture experience. The kids walk into a large room in what looks like a museum and sit around on the floor. Theo explains to them that the mural will be created from the kids' ideas, and asks them to return the next day with some ideas on paper. They decide to walk out and see where the mural is going to go.

They reach the spot. Theo and Tonya point out the mural's eventual location. In an interview, CJP says that Theo is bringing a lot of ideas to the group. CJP tells the kids that they have a great spot, and that people will see their mural for years. The kids go into a room somewhere, and CJP hands out paper and tells them to sketch out their ideas. One of the kids, who seriously looks about twenty-five, tells the others that they might want to draw a picture of him on their murals because he's pretty famous. That kid is funny. Cast him! Ditch Tonya! The kids all draw. And draw some more. My favorite girl is the one in the football jersey who doesn't know what to draw. Aneesa sits down to help her out. Tonya sits by herself in a window and draws. In an interview, Tonya says that she had a "negative impression of the kids before [she] met them," and she thought they wouldn't want to work on a mural, but that's not the truth. Based on Tonya's previous statements, you might think that she didn't want to work with the kids because none of them are white and she's scared of them. Of course, we have nothing to support that, and far be it from me just to make wild, unsupported claims. What?

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