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Finally, Some Drama!

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Finally, Some Drama!

Back at home, Theo continues to work on his sketch for the mural. Aren't the kids supposed to be the ones coming up with the design? Aneesa walks over to the elevator and says that she needs to go pick up Feminem. Theo wants Aneesa to bring Feminem back to the loft. Aneesa describes Feminem as hot with blonde hair, big boobs, and a cute butt. I think Aneesa needs some glasses, because other than the (fake) blonde hair, I didn't see any of that. Theo thinks that Aneesa loves boobs. Aneesa says that she loves asses, thighs, and teeth more. Teeth? Theo asks Aneesa again to bring Feminem back, so that he can see her. Aneesa leaves. In an interview, Theo says, "Yes, being lesbians [sic] is wrong. But to me, women are so beautiful, like, God couldn't have done anything better than make a woman. And when you see two beautiful women kiss, there's something about it. It turns you on. I'm not going to lie." Well, I appreciate his honesty, but he's still a giant hypocrite. Because as long as it turns HIM on, then it's okay. Otherwise, it's disgusting. Glad to know that it's all about Theo.

Theo plays pool with Chris while Tonya cleans windows, Kyle does dishes, and Keri sits at the computer. Aneesa walks in with Feminem. The look on Kyle's face is hilarious. He just looks so confused. Feminem introduces herself to Theo. Okay, I guess she does kind of have big boobs. I couldn't see them earlier with the shirt that she was wearing then. Aneesa and Feminem go to Aneesa's room, and Theo advises that they not get too freaky. After they leave, Theo says that Feminem was supposed to be cute. Aneesa hyped Feminem up so much, and Theo was disappointed. He thinks that Feminem looks like "a troll or something." Kind of true. Chris laughs.

Aneesa and Feminem walk down the street holding hands. They go to see the most stereotypical lesbian folk singer, ever. She's playing an acoustic guitar and wearing a plaid flannel shirt. If she starts singing about Nicaragua, I'm changing the station. She has a pretty voice, though. Aneesa and Feminem sit on a couch and cuddle. In an interview, Aneesa says that there is something about Feminem that draws her, and that Feminem is a challenge. Aneesa feels that she needs a challenge, and she doesn't know what she would do if Feminem got back with her girlfriend. They return to the loft, and get into bed together. Aneesa is burning incense, so you know some loving is about to happen. I notice that CJP gave them the room to themselves, unlike Kyle and Keri with Chris and Kurt. We see black and white footage of Aneesa and Feminem snuggling in bed, and then suddenly Aneesa is straddling Feminem and pulling the blankets up. Hello! Hot lesbian love on line one!

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