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Finally, Some Drama!

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Finally, Some Drama!

CJP, Tonya, and Theo are getting ready to go to work on the mural. They're waiting for Aneesa, who is still getting ready. CJP keeps trying to wait, but Theo is already getting in the elevator. As they start to close the elevator doors, Aneesa comes running out. Theo is pissed.

CJP voice-overs that today is the day the kids will present their concept for the mural. The kids line up in front of the directors and explain their mural. It's all very cute, but not really why I watch this show. The director says that it's pretty interesting, and gives her approval. The kids all applaud. In an interview, Aneesa says that the kids appreciate that they will be able to look at the mural thirty years from now and say that they did it.

Aneesa listens to her messages. Feminem called to say that she left her bag in the loft. Oh, I'm so sure that was an accident. In an interview, Chris says that Feminem is "totally playing Aneesa." Aneesa hangs up the phone and tells everyone that Feminem is coming over with Fat Cow. Chris voice-overs that bringing her ex over to create drama is just ridiculous. Yes, but at least it's more interesting to watch than the stupid mural. Aneesa complains to CJP that Feminem is bringing her ex over. So don't let them in! Throw the bag out the window. Leave it down by the entrance. I don't see why they actually need to enter the loft. CJP thinks that it's inappropriate, too.

Feminem and Fat Cow show up. Aneesa immediately asks whether Fat Cow could leave, because she's not welcome. Fat Cow? Not that fat. She also refused to sign the release forms, so her face is blurred. Which is just dumb, because it's not like she didn't just go there to get on camera in the first place. Fat Cow suggests that they could have thrown the bag out of the window. Should I be worried that I had the same idea as Fat Cow? Aneesa calls Fat Cow a "crazy bitch," and orders her out of the house. Feminem and Fat Cow get in the elevator. Fat Cow says that she and Feminem are going home to make love. Feminem just stands there with a stupid smile on her face. She is so loving this. I hate her. Theo tells Feminem that bringing her ex over was disrespectful. Feminem just shakes her head, as if she had no control over this whole escapade. Aneesa throws the bag into the elevator and tells Feminem to "take the ho out." Aneesa slams the elevator door shut and yells out, "And don't call me!" Okay, maybe she got some closure out of that, but I still say she shouldn't have dignified the whole thing by even showing up.

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