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Flirting With Disaster

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Flirting With Disaster

Back at the loft, Kyle and Keri sit in a hot tub. Kyle says that he would think it was great if his girlfriend could change a tire, because he doesn't like "high-maintenance women who wouldn't change a tire because they don't want to break a nail." Amen, brother. Kyle adds a "But..." and then Keri interrupts to say that she took charge because she's changed tires before. Kyle notes that some guys are insecure about that. Keri explains that she was insulted because her expertise and independence were questioned. Kyle says that he never would have known that she was insulted because she didn't show any emotion or have a reaction. But she's telling you now. Was she supposed to cry or something? In an interview, Kyle says that Keri is "very internal and very guarded." Keri says that Kyle is emotional. In a second, Paula Abdul is going to bust out with "We go together, 'cause opposites attract!" And then there will be a cartoon cat with her, singing and dancing. What? Like she doesn't need the gig? Keri thinks that she is emotional as well, but that she just doesn't always show it right off the bat. Kyle tells Keri that he might eventually like her better than anyone in the house, but he's concerned that they won't connect, and he wants to get to know the more serious side of her. He asks her to make "the most earnest effort" to let him know if something is bothering her. Keri promises to do that. They stare at each other for a while.

Kyle and Keri stand on the street. Keri asks if they ever get tornadoes in Chicago. Kyle says that they do, and hopes that one is about to happen, because of the dark clouds gathering. It's like Weather Week on B/M, what with the hurricane on the Challenge and all. Keri says that tornadoes are her biggest fear. In an interview, scruffy Kyle explains that the whole tornado discussion was the first time he saw Keri let herself be vulnerable, and it was very attractive to see that in her. Does it worry anyone else that Kyle likes his women to admit fear and act vulnerable? Just asking. And then after Keri has admitted her fear of tornadoes, Kyle continues to torture her by explaining how a funnel cloud might touch down right in the middle of the street. Yeah, I'm sure she will feel really comfortable admitting her fears to you in the future, jerk.

Kyle and Keri sit in a mall. Kyle asks who Keri's least favorite roommate is. Keri says that she thought that she would have the most conflict with Tonya, but she doesn't. ["Yeah, because she's in another time zone." -- Wing Chun] In an interview, Kyle says that it's going to be weird for Tonya when she returns, because "she's missing these formative days." Kyle explains to Keri that they have all gotten to know each other quite a bit in the days that Tonya has been gone. In an interview, Kyle says that it's unfortunate Tonya had to get sick so soon, and that it would have been better if it happened later on. Keri thinks that Tonya will like Chicago once she gets used to it.

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