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Flirting With Disaster

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Flirting With Disaster

Outside, Keri and Kyle stand on a street corner and wait for their luck to change. Keri tells Kyle to let it go. Kyle asks her not to close him off. Keri says that he did that to her. Kyle doesn't understand. Keri nods. Kyle says it's the last thing he wanted to do, and he didn't mean it. Suddenly, Keri starts swearing up a storm. Whuh? Did we miss part of that conversation or something? It went from a drunken argument to Keri going ballistic in, like, a second. Keri walks off, alone. Kyle stares after her. Keri finds CJP and drags her off, saying that it's "not cool." CJP looks back and sees Kyle staring after them.

Next time: Kyle accuses Keri of having "major 'tude," and she denies it. Theo brings home a bunch of strangers (mostly female) for a hot-tub party. Keri complains about having to clean up after them. Tonya's back, and apparently she is on the phone for a long time, so Theo unplugs it. This somehow causes Tonya to get scared and throw a glass at him, because she doesn't feel safe. I can't wait to see the "logical" explanation for that one.

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