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Gay-Straight Alliance

MJ interviews that after being stuck in the house with the girls all day, sometimes he and Landon have to get away. MJ and Landon go to a club called Glam, which seems pretty gay, but based on what happens shortly, I guess not. Once inside, MJ spots a couple of tarty blondes and picks one as his conquest for the evening. His opening line is, "You're hot as hell." Okay, in my younger days, that probably would have worked, especially with the addition of alcohol. Speaking of, MJ interviews that alcohol makes people do mysterious things. Later, Tarty Blonde gets up on the bar and dances, allowing everyone to see her underwear. I guess I should be thankful she's wearing any. Then, MJ licks whipped cream from her cleavage. MJ interviews that alcohol changes the way he views women. In case you didn't get that MJ is quite drunk, the editors use Blur Vision for a minute before cutting to MJ slobbering in TB's ear, "I'm way attracted to your be here...right now...this wanted...this...and...this...and...this...sunhh...that's bad." That is a direct quote. As a result, TB invites herself back to the house. MJ doesn't protest.

Back at the house, Sarah tells Willie and Shavonda that if her new friend were straight, he would totally be her type. Sarah says that usually she can recognize when her gay male friends are good-looking without feeling sexual attraction, but she feels something with Jason. Shavonda points out that the guy could be bisexual, and Sarah apparently hadn't considered that before. Willie says that he knows many bisexual people, and that he doesn't understand it, but he knows it exists.

MJ and TB get home, and he gives her a piggyback ride upstairs, where he intends to give her a whole different type of ride. TB squeals and attracts the other roommates' attention. Shavonda interviews that if you bring someone home, you should try to sneak her in. Sarah interviews that she doesn't know what's going on, but that it's entertaining. MJ takes TB into the boys' closet, which has an actual door instead of the typical curtain. Shavonda sneaks over to figure out what's going on, and she interviews that they were "cahoodling," which first of all, it's "canoodling," and second of all, no one says that outside of the gossip columns. Landon gets home and slowly opens the closet door until MJ yells at him to get out. Landon quickly slams the door. Landon interviews that "a girl like [TB] happens to the best of us...and [MJ] probably could have done worse."

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